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Family Pets on Walton's Mountain



Reckless The Walton's dog 
Myrtle The Walton's goat, given by Maude Gormley 
Daisy Mary Ellen's newborn lamb.
Bullet Calf, offspring of Chance
Pete Elizabeth's sick raccoon
Jim Bob, Jr. Jim Bob's duckling
Blue The mule  given to John Boy by Granny Ketchum
Chance The milk cow
Lancelot (Lance) Erin's fawn that she eventually releases into the woods
Gingerbread Myrtle's baby goat, named by Elizabeth
Calico Elizabeth's cat
Chirpee Grandma's canary
Rover Jim Bob's peacock
Nick Jeffrey's dog, named after Saint Nicholas
Porthos Jim Bob's guinea pig
Harold Jeffrey's cat.

For a more complete and detailed list, please visit Bill Atkins' animal site at http://users.galesburg.net/~atkins/wanimals.html

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