(Information supplied by Jake Gilmore)

Spencer's Mountain:

Lillian Bronson (Grandma Spencer) 1995 at age 93 in Los Angeles, CA. Natural Causes complicated by stroke.

Wally Cox (Preacher Goodman) 1973 age 48 in Los Angeles of Heart Attack.

Donald Crisp (Grandpa Spencer) 1974 at age 93 after a series of strokes in Van Nuys, CA.

Henry Fonda (Clay Spencer) 1982 at age 77 of Heart failure and prostate cancer in LA.

Victor French (Spencer Brother) 1989 at age 54 of Lung Cancer in Sherman Oaks, Ca.

Virginia Gregg (Miss Parker) 1986 age 70 of Cancer in Encino, CA.

Hayden Rorke (Colonel Coleman) 1987 age 76 of Cancer in Toluca Lake, CA.

Hope Summers (Mother Ida) 1979 age 78 of Heart Failure in Woodland Hills, CA.

Dub Taylor (Percy Cook) 1994 at age 87 of Congestive Heart Failure in LA.

Delmar Daves, Writer (of the movie script), Director and Producer  1977 at age 73 in LaJolla, CA.

The Homecoming:

Andrew Duggan (John Walton) 1988 at age 64 of throat cancer in Westwood, CA.

Edgar Bergen (Grandpa) 1978 age 75 of a heart attack in Las Vegas, NV.

Ellen Corby (Grandma) 1999 age 87 natural causes in Woodland Hills, CA.

Jospehine Hutchinson (Miss Mamie) 1998 age 94 natural causes in NY, NY. (She was blind later in life)

Dorothy Stickney (Miss Emily) 1998 age 101 at her home in NYC.

Cleavon Little (Hawthorne Dooley) 1992 age 53 of colon cancer in Sherman Oaks, CA.

Woodrow Parfrey (Ike Godsey) 1984 at age 61 of a heart attack in LA.

The Waltons:

Will Geer 1978 at age 76 of respiratory arrest in LA. (also rumored to have had a stroke previous to his final ailment).

Ellen Corby 1999 see above

Merie Earle (Maude) 1984 at age 95 or Uremic Poisoning after surgery in Glendale, CA.

Beulah Bondi (Martha Corrinne) 1981 age 88 of pulmonary complications in Woodland Hills, CA.
(Tripped over her cats and had a bad fall a week before her death.)

George Tobias (Vernon Rutley) 1979 at age 78 of cancer in LA.

Dorothy Shay (The Dewdrop Owner) 1978 at age 57 following a massive stroke in Santa Monica, CA.

Nora Marlowe (Mrs. Brimmer) 1978 at age 62 of undisclosed causes in LA.

Denver Pyle (Cousin Homer) 1997 at age 77 of Lung Cancer at Providence St. Joseph Medical Center in Burbank, CA.

Byron Morrow (Doctor in The Star) 1983 at age 70.

Eduard Franz (Cousin Cody) 1983 at age 81 after a long illness in LA.

Richard X. Slattery (Clyde in The Braggart) 1995 at age 72 following a stroke in Woodland Hills, CA.

Joyce Jameson (Helen in The Marathon... also was Skippy the Fun Girl on Andy Griffith Show) 1987 at age 55 rumored
to be suicide in LA.

Joanna Cook Moore (Mrs. Champion in The Departure) 1997 of Lung Cancer at age 63 in Indian Wells, CA.

E. J. Andre (Hyder Snow in The Shivaree) 1984 at age 76 of Cancer in Hollywood.

Virginia Gregg (The mountain medicine woman in The Ordeal) See above

Lee Philips (The Minister in The Shivaree and show director) 1999.

Frank Ferguson (Allen in The Fox) 1978 at age 78 of Cancer in LA.

Dick Sargent (General in The Outrage) 1994 at age 64 of Prostate Cancer at Cedars-Sinai Med. Ctr. LA.

Alvy Moore (Frank in The Indiscretion) 1997 of Heart Failure at age 75 in Palm Desert, CA.

Jeanete Nolan (Sister Scolarice in The Calling) following a stroke in 1998 at age 86 in LA.

Lewis Arquette (J. D. Pickett) died in 2001 of congestive heart failure at age 65.

John Ritter (Reverend Matthew Fordwick) on September 11,2003 of heart complications.

Mary Jackson( Miss Emily Baldwin ) Dec. 10, 2005  age 95 of heart complications.