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"The Homecoming" Prologue
(As narrated by Earl Hamner)

"My grandfather used to say that nobody owns a mountain; but getting born, and living, and dying in it's shadow, we loved Walton's Mountain and felt it was ours. The Walton family had endured in that part of the Blue Ridge for over 200 years. A short time in the history of a mountain. Still, our roots had grown deep in it's earth.

When I was growing up there with my brothers and sisters, I was certain that no one on Earth had quite so good a life. I was fifteen and growing at an alarming rate. Each morning I woke convinced that I had added another inch to my height while I slept.

I was trying hard to fill my father's shoes that winter. We were in the middle of The Depression, and the mill, on which our village depended, had closed. My father had found work in a town 50 miles away and he could only be with us on weekends. On Christmas Eve, early in the afternoon, we had already started looking forward to his homecoming."


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