Episode Synopses - Season 8

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  1. The Home Front
  2. The Kinfolk
  3. The Diploma
  4. The Innocents
  5. The Starlet
  6. The Journal
  7. The Lost Sheep
  8. The Violated
  9. The Waiting
  10. The Silver Wings
  11. The Wager
  12. The Spirit
  13. The Fastidious Wife
  14. The Unthinkable
  15. The Idol
  16. The Prodigals
  17. The Remembrance
  18. The Inspiration
  19. The Last Straw
  20. The Traveling Man
  21. The Furlough
  22. The Medal
  23. The Valediction
  24. A Decade of The Waltons
  1. THE HOME FRONT (two hour episode) (20 Sep 1979)
    Writers: Rod Peterson & Claire Whittaker. Director: Harry Harris. Music: Alexander Courage.

    "It was one spring day during the war that our mother came back to us and with her arrival it seemed that everything began to look brighter. In Europe and North Africa the Allied forces were gaining strength giving new hope to those of us on the home front. There were dark days still ahead, but for now it was peaceful on the mountain and my family rejoiced in being together again".

    At the Pickett plant, the Assistant Manager has quit, and Erin, now doing the job, asks JD for the post permanently, and a big raise. JD refuses as she's a woman.... But later, Erin gets her own back on him - and gets the job.

    Sheriff Ep Bridges comes to see John, who is head of the Draft Board, that one of the recruits, Tommy Satterfield, has run off, and would be jailed if he didn't come back very soon. John goes over to see the family and calls to Tommy, who is hiding in the back, to come out. He persuades him that it is his duty to his country to go, and so Tommy decides to return with him. Later, news comes that the troopship on which he was being shipped overseas has been fired upon and Tommy killed by a shell. His father Calvin takes the news very badly, and after drinking a lot, later comes to the Waltons house with a shotgun, threatening to kill one of John's sons in revenge....

    Jim Bob is out in the woods stripping an old car for parts when Calvin Satterfield takes a shot at him. John then calls the Sheriff who warns them both not to take the law into their own hands. Later, John decides that it has to be settled between himself and Calvin, and goes to see him, armed with a shotgun. As the two men eye each other, the Walton family drive up and Olivia gives John a telegram which has just arrived. It states that John-Boy has been posted missing while on active service with the Stars And Stripes. Both men put down their guns and later the two families gather at the graveside for the burial of Tommy, given with full military honours.

    (No concluding narration or Goodnights)

    Also appearing -
    the Godseys (Joe Conley and Ronnie Claire Edwards); Cindy (Leslie Winston); Sheriff Bridges (John Crawford); J.D.Pickett (Lewis Arquette); Tommy Satterfield (Glenn Withrow); Calvin Satterfield (George Ralph Dicenzo); Mrs Satterfield (Eunice Christopher); Sergeant Barnes (Don Matheson); Lapinsky (Todd Susman); Aimee Godsey (Rachel Longaker); Pearl (Jeanne Campise).

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  2. THE KINFOLK (27 Sep 1979)
    Writer: E.F.Wallengren. Director: Philip Leacock. Music: Alexander Courage.

    "The arrival of spring was always a welcome time on Waltons Mountain. During the war it was a reminder that life did renew itself in spite of the tragedies our family had suffered. My father's business was booming, my mother had recovered from her lengthy illness and there was a feeling that the family could brave the dark days ahead. That strength was tested one day when our cousin Rose Burton came to visit".

    With her she brings her two young grandchildren Serena and Jeffrey. Rose wants to stay awhile to recover from a personal family matter which she's not willing to reveal, but this is threatened by the behavior of the two children. Serena and Jeffrey are undisciplined and soon get into trouble. Serena steals the keys to Cindy's car and Jeffrey starts off Ike's new air raid siren. When put to work cutting the grass Jeffrey mows down Olivia's flowers deliberately. Later Serena is found stealing trinkets from the girls, and Jeffrey, surreptitiously smoking, sets fire to the mill. He tries in vain to put it out with his shirt and then runs off. When the fire is put out it's found that Jeffrey has extensive scars on his back where his father, when drunk, has beaten him, and Rose then admits she had been forced to take the children away from his reach.

    "Rose and her grandchildren were accepted in our family and in the community. Jeffrey and Selena still managed to get themselves into considerable trouble, but they were driven to it by high spirits and not by cruelty. For the first time in their young lives they began to feel loved and protected".

    Olivia: 'Night Serena.
    Serena: 'Night Aunt Olivia. Goodnight Nana.
    Rose: Goodnight Serena. Goodnight John.
    John: Goodnight Rose. Goodnight Jeffrey.
    Chicken squawks.
    John: Jeffrey.... are you sleeping with that chicken?
    Jeffrey: Just a minute, let me check under the covers.... yes sir, looks like one's snuck in here alright.
    John: you put her back first thing in the morning.
    Jeffrey: Yes sir.
    John: Goodnight son.
    Jeffrey: 'Night Uncle John.

    Also appearing -
    the Godseys (Joe Conley and Ronnie Claire Edwards); Cindy (Leslie Winston); Rose Burton (Peggy Rea); Jeffrey (Keith Mitchell); Selena (Martha Nix).

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  3. THE DIPLOMA (4 Oct 1979)
    Writer: Kathleen Hite. Director: Gwen Arner. Music: Alexander Courage.

    "The intermingling of what had gone before and what lay ahead was a never ending process that touched our lives on the mountain. My father was not a man to live in the past, he honored it, but it was his way to live the time at hand. One early morning in 1943 the present was awaiting my siser Mary Ellen, and the past was ready to catch up with our father".

    Nora the District Nurse has been called up into the Army Nursing Corps and she had asked Mary Ellen to take over her duties until a replacement could come. But visiting the isolated mountain folk deep in the hills, Mary Ellen meets suspicion and hostility, which she overcomes with patience and friendliness.

    Part of John's work is supplying lumber for the army camp but a young over-officious Lieutenant comes saying that John's security declaration has been falsified since there is no record of him graduating from high school. John searches the house for his Diploma without success. Then Olivia unearths some dusty records of 1917 and finds out that the actual Diplomas for those who had volunteered for the war were never actually made out. With Olivia's help he decides to study to take a test to cover the graduation work. After taking the test he returns home to a family celebration.

    "The past and present joined again that special evening in our home. And it was questionable who had learned the most - our father peparing for a Graduation over a quarter of a century late, or Mary Ellen, gaining new insight with each trip to those remarkable people who live in the backwoods hollows of the Blue Ridge"".

    Elizabeth: Daddy?
    John: Yes honey?
    Elizabeth: I'm real proud of you for passing that test.
    John: Very proud, Elizabeth.
    Elizabeth: Everybody's real proud of you.
    John: No no, everybody's very proud, Elizabeth, we're using real as a synonym for very and of course it's not.
    Elizabeth: You sound just like Corabeth.
    John: Goodnight, Elizabeth.
    Elizabeth: Goodnight, Daddy.

    Also appearing -
    the Godseys (Joe Conley and Ronnie Claire Edwards); Cindy (Leslie Winston); Rose (Peggy Rae); Serena (Martha Nix); Jeffrey (Keith Mitchell); Ronie Cotter (Janette Lane Bradbury); Sweet Billy (Les Lannom); Grandma Floyd (Madelaine Taylor Holmes); Leut. Eller (Leon Fricke); Sam (Rick Slyter).

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  4. THE INNOCENTS (11 Oct 1979)
    Writer: Juliet Packer. Director: Gwen Arner. Music: Alexander Courage.

    "Although we were thousands of miles from the bombs of World War Two, every day there were reminders that the tranquility of our lives had been shattered. As the fighting continued my mother became increasingly restless. She yearned to be active, to make some conrtribution that would bring peace again to the world".

    She goes on the warpath to provide play facilities for local women for the war effort. J.D.Pickett, the owner of the local factory making army canteen equipment wants to turn a room on the premises into a bar and social club. This angers Olivia who had already asked him for a children's play room. Eventually a compromise is reached when she succeeds in persuading him to allow the bar room to be used by her during the daytime.

    As the 5th anniversary of his wedding approaches, Ike Godsey plans a surprise celebration for his wife and secretly gets Rose to teach him to dance, but Corabeth suspects he's going out with another woman and packs her things to leave him. Just before the anniversary dinner, which has been prepared by Aimee and Elizabeth, she learns the truth and her anger melts away.

    "The war of the children had been settled, but not the war between my mother and J.D.Pickett. He complained if a baby bottle happened to be left on the bar, she complained if a beer bottle had been left on the floor. Only at the end of the war was peace declared between the two of them".

    Olivia: Goodnight Elizabeth.
    Elizabeth: Mama, I've got a great idea for your day nursery. Why don't you teach the kids how to dance?
    Olivia: Elizabeth, some of them can barely walk!
    Elizabeth: No problem, after all, we taught Ike.
    Olivia and John: Goodnight Elizabeth.
    Elizabeth: Goodnight everyone!

    Also appearing -
    Ike & Corabeth Godsey (Joe Conley & Ronnie Claire Edwards); Cindy (Leslie Winston); Rose (Peggy Rae); Serena (Martha Nix); Jeffrey (Keith Mitchell); J.D.Pickett (Lewis Arquette); Aimee Godsey (Rachel Longaker); Mrs Kass (Kerry Shear); Mr Swanson (Charles Parks).

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  5. THE STARLET (18 Oct 1979)
    Writers: D.C. & Richard Fontana. Director: Philip Leacock. Music: Alexander Courage.

    "As World War Two ranged aound the globe, the peace and quiet surrounding Waltons Mountain seemed even more precious. Throughout the nation Americans worked together to maintain freedom and a way of life that had made our country great. Holding down an important job in a defense plant was my sister Erin's contribution and she highly resented anything that interfered with it".

    A film company arrives at the Pickett Defense Plant to make a documentary for the war effort but their activities obstruct the normal routine of the place and arouse Erin's anger. To appease her the director promises to make her a part of the film, but in reality is only using her. She makes plans to go to work in Hollywood, but on reflection, finds that chances of getting film work are too slim, and decides to remain at home.

    The Baldwin sisters want to do something to help the war effort so Jason suggests they invite a few soldiers for Sunday dinner. They plan to play Caruso records for entertainment, but no one comes - until Jason, as Sergeant, threatens to give the men extra duties, so four "volunteers" enjoy a good evening at the Baldwins.

    "Erin and Mary Ellen returned to their important work in our community. It was years later when my sister finally did come to Hollywood. She visited me and my family and we spoke fondly of the one film in which she starred".

    Jim Bob: Hey Elizabeth, what d'you think about people that get going away presents and then don't leave?
    Elizabeth: I think they ought to give 'em back.
    Erin: How about that stationery I gave you Mary Ellen?
    Mary Ellen: I'll write you a letter tomorrow.
    Erin: Jim Bob, I'll let you use that perfume you gave me anytime you want.
    Jim Bob: Goodnight Erin.
    All the girls: Goodnight everybody!

    Also appearing -
    the Godseys (Joe Conley and Ronnie Claire Edwards); Cindy (Leslie Winston); the Baldwin sisters (Mary Jackson & Helen Kleeb); Barry Stone (Henry Darrow); Sweet Billy (Les Lannom); J.D.Pickett (Lewis Arquette); G.I.Joe (David Cramer); Asst. Director Baker (Charles Hallahan).

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  6. THE JOURNAL (25 Oct 1979)
    Writer: Robert Pirosh. Director: Philip Leacock. Music: Alexander Courage.

    "There is something in a mountain which gives strength and stability to those who know it well. Its timeless slopes make troubles seem smaller. We were to draw on that strength many times during the anxious years of World War Two, but those years brought troubles of a kind we had never known before. The pain of separation from loved ones whe were sent overseas, and who might have become casualties or prisoners of war. The agony of waiting".

    Reckless, dog has become old, and dies. Rose's grandson Jeff, who has become attached to the dog, is upset, but is comforted by knowing that the dog, who died in the woods chasing a rabbit, died happy.

    John-Boy having been posted as missing, Olivia and John keep contacting the Red Cross for news, but all they can learn is that the plane he was in was shot down over Belgium. A man from John-Boy's publisher arrives, saying they've been sent the manuscript for a second book - a journal of war experiences, but before publishing, in the absence of the author's signature, they need those of his next of kin. Olivia is upset and refuses, but on reading the manuscript feels that it has to be shared.

    "The book was published and brought comfort to many who wanted an honest report on their loved ones overseas - and those were the people for whom "G I Journal" was written".

    Mary Ellen: Has anybody seen John Curtis he's not in his bed?
    Jim Bob: He was in here a while ago. I thought he went back into your room.
    Erin: How could you lose sight of him?
    Mary Ellen: I was brushing my teeth. John Curtis? Everybody check around I'll look downstairs.
    Odd noises from the piano.
    Mary Ellen: Oh Lord another musician in the family. Come on John Curtis time for bed!
    All the girls: Goodnight John Curtis.

    Also appearing -
    the Godseys (Joe Conley and Ronnie Claire Edwards); Cindy (Leslie Winston); Rose (Peggy Rae); Serena (Martha Nix); Jeffrey (Keith Mitchell); Paul Henshaw (Richard Venture); Mrs Denman, the Red Cross lady (Diana Douglas); Aimee Godsey (Rachel Longaker).

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  7. THE LOST SHEEP (1 Nov 1979)
    Writer: E.F.Wallengren. Director: Walter Alzman. Music: Alexander Courage.

    "The Second World War changed for ever the course of our country and its people. Some of those changes were immediately clear, others gradually seeped into our lives and left lasting, sometimes painful impressions. The whole world was in a great hurry and its frantic pace was most often reflected in the young men returning from battle".

    Erin's boy-friend Ashley, now in the army, returns on leave after a year. He stays at the Baldwin's house alone, as they are away. He and Erin decide to marry before he goes back, to the consternation of Erin's parents. Then Erin notices he's changed - his experiences in the war have made him an atheist. Erin, distressed, breaks off the engagement and avoids him, but later they make up, realising that now is not the time to rush into marriage.

    Elizabeth gets very annoyed with Serena as she keeps following her, giving her no peace. A compromise is reached when they both agree to allow each other times to be alone.

    "Ashley Longworth Jr was to return many times to Waltons Mountain. As time passed he was able to resolve the terrifying spiritual wound that killing another human being had caused".

    Serena: Erin, does Ashley Longworth Junior have a little brother?
    Erin: Why?
    Serena: Because Elizabeth needs a dreamboat.
    Elizabeth: Goodnight Serena.
    Serena: Besides, she's following me around everywhere. If she had a dreamboat she'd follow him.
    All the girls: Goodnight, Serena.
    Serena: Goodnight, lonely hearts....

    Also appearing -
    the Godseys (Joe Conley and Ronnie Claire Edwards); Cindy (Leslie Winston); Rose (Peggy Rae); Serena (Martha Nix); Jeffrey (Keith Mitchell); Ashley Longworth Jr (Jonathan Frakes); Erma Jean Small (Elise Catlin).

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  8. THE VIOLATED (8 Nov 1979)
    Writer: Robert Pirosh. Director: Walter Alzman. Music: Alexander Courage.

    "There was hope in the air that second autumn after Pearl Harbor. The Allied forces were finally on the offensive, and in Winston Churchill's words "those who had sowed the wind are now reaping the whirlwind". But in our home, as in millions throughout the nation, there was also anxiety for loved ones away in military service. Some of them would never return, and there were others who's fate was at that time unknown, the - missing in action".

    John and Olivia are at the Red Cross center, enquiring for news about John-Boy. The Red Cross lady, Mrs Denman asks Olivia to visit the young wife, Darcy Thatcher, of an army recruit. The soldier is worried since he's had no reply to his letter to his wife. Olivia and Mary Ellen drive over to see the girl. They find her frightened, and learn she's been raped by a man, and she feels >

    Transfer interrupted!

    By a series of chances, they discover who this man is, and Olivia informs the Sheriff. Later, the man, Son Slater, accosts Olivia with threatening behavior. John then goes to him and orders him to leave the district. Olivia gets the Red Cross to arrange emergency leave for the young husband, meets him and brings him to his wife. He seizes a shotgun and starts out after the man but John prevents him, making him realise that his wife's need of him is more important.

    Corabeth gets news that she may be coming into an inheritance and starts spending money. Soon a cheque arrives for a lot of money. Ike, worried that she will spend it all unwisely, persuades her to put it into Bonds until the war is over.

    At the Walton's home, the Red Cross lady, Mrs Denman, calls, bringing the news that John-Boy has been found, though very seriously wounded, and is being flown home to a hospital in Alexandria.

    [No end narration or Goodnights]

    Note: The story concludes in the next episode - The Waiting.
    Also appearing -
    the Godseys (Joe Conley and Ronnie Claire Edwards); Cindy (Leslie Winston); Son Slater (Jordan Clarke); Danny Thatcher (Antoinette Stella); Mrs Denman (Diana Douglas); Joe Bascomb (John Steadman); The Deputy (Macon McCalman); Frank Thatcher (Kelly Ward).

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  9. THE WAITING (22 Nov 1979)
    Writer: Kathleen Hite. Director: Philip Leacock. Music: Alexander Courage.

    "Joy and tragedy walked hand in hand during the dark days of World War Two. When good news came it always seemed to be tinged with sadness, the words "your son is alive" were too often followed by the phrase "he is badly injured". When those words came to my family it meant that the long wait was not over, it had just begun".

    John and Olivia travel to the hospital in Alexandria to see John-Boy but find him in a coma. John has to return home but Olivia stays on. Just outside the hospital she bumps into the Red Cross lady Mrs Denman who tells her she's been transferred here and invites Olivia to her apartment. She asks if Olivia would consider volunteering for Red Cross work, and also to share her apartment. She agrees and on her off-duty hours stays by John-Boy's bed, reading to him, although he gives no sign. In the same room is another young man, Sam, whose legs are paralysed. Olivia realises he's lonely and keeps asking her Red Cross friend to come and see him, but she, thinking of her own son who was killed in the war, can't face it - until Thanksgiving Day when she does come and takes Sam to a Thanksgiving Dinner in the hospital canteen, just as John arrives to spend Thanksgiving with Olivia by John-Boy's bedside. As they give thanks, there is a movement in John-Boy's arm, and three hands are clasped together.

    "And so they started back, so many young men, from tunnels of darkness to light, from the very door of death to the first turning step back to life, and the families hearts were glad, all over the land".

    Jim Bob: That was a great dinner Rose.
    Erin: It was, really Rose.
    Rose: Why thank you. My goodness.
    Erin: I'm sure glad we didn't talk you out of it.
    Rose: Now if this isn't just the nicest thing. I'll tell you what I was thinking, about Christmas now I really think we should hit that early -
    Everybody: Goodnight Nana!

    Also appearing -
    the Godseys (Joe Conley and Ronnie Claire Edwards); Cindy (Leslie Winston); Rose (Peggy Rae); Serena (Martha Nix); Jeffrey (Keith Mitchell); Nurse Corrigan (K.Callan); Sam (Morgan Stevens); Mrs Denman (Diana Douglas); Dr Banion (Regis Cordic); John-Boy (Robert Wightman).
    Note: Morgan Stevens returns as "Paul Matthews Northridge" in The Lumberjack (Season 9).
    Also, this was Michael Learned's last regular appearance as "Olivia". Later, she would make occasional guest appearances.

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  10. THE SILVER WINGS (29 Nov 1979)
    Writer: Michael McGreevey. Director: Stan Latham. Music:Alexander Courage.

    "As World War Two continued, more and more American families felt the pain of separation from their loved ones. With no end in sight they could only wait and pray for the day their friends and relatives would come home safely. During this time my brother Jim Bob eagerly waited for his chance to join in the fight, and while he waited, he fell in love".

    Mrs Betsy Randolph has come to live in a cabin in the hills while her husband, a flyer, is away in the war. Jim Bob has just got the job of being Ike's mail-man, delivering letters and he meets her at her cabin. The place is run down and she is attractive, and Jim Bob offers to come and fix up the place for her, including the fence he knocked down when backing his car. Their friendship grows and he spends nearly all his time with her, to the growing concern of his father. In reward for all the work he's done for her she invites him to supper one evening and he takes her an expensive perfume as a present. She, realising he's fallen in love with her, doesn't accept it, and he leaves, hurt and angry. She doesn't want to lose him as a friend so comes to the Waltons to find him and make amends. While they're out on a high plain, a small plane comes over and lands. It's a friend of her husband who's come to give Jim Bob a ride - his surprise! Later, Ike takes her a telegram which notifies her of her husband's death. Jim Bob goes to comfort her and they are friends again until, shortly, she moves away for good.

    Serena and Jeffrey, as members of a children's group, are set tasks to accomplish, under adult supervision. Serena is to go on a hike, but gets lost in the woods at night. When found, she wants to finish the hike - if Uncle John accompanies her.

    "Jim Bob was never to see Betsy Randolph again, but their brief friendship was a turning point in his life. No one would ever think of him as a boy again, he had become a man".

    Serena: Goodnight Uncle John.
    John: Goodnight Serena.
    Serena: Goodnight Jeffrey. Jeffrey! I said Goodnight! Are you still mad at me? I could have smothered him with those bandages. I'm sorry, I promise I'll never do anything like that again.
    Rose: Don't be too sorry Serena, it was the quietest afternoon I've spent in months! Goodnight Jeffrey!
    Jeffrey: Goodnight Nana.

    Also appearing -
    the Godseys (Joe Conley and Ronnie Claire Edwards); Rose (Peggy Rae); Serena (Martha Nix); Jeffrey (Keith Mitchell); Betsy Randolph (Patsy Rahn); Buddy Russell (Odell Burton).
    Note: Michael McGreevey, the Writer of this episode, appeared as "Hobie" in The Baraggart (Season 2). He is the son of John McGreevey who has written many of the episodes.

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  11. THE WAGER (13 Dec 1979)
    Teleplay: E.F.Wallengren. Story: Claylene Jones. Director: Gwen Arner. Music: Alexander Courage.

    "The Second World War brought women by the millions out of their homes and into the factories, doing jobs that normally would have been reserved for men. Attitudes changed as women found themselves to be every bit as capable as the men they replaced. All of Jefferson County watched with wonder when my sisters Mary Ellen and Erin decided to venture even farther into a mans world".

    They had been teased by two employees at the Pickett factory, Sam Barker and Jeb Sanders into entering the Run and Ride race. Elizabeth is co-opted into being their coach and trains them hard. Mary Ellen has been goaded into accepting a wager that if she comes in after Sam and Jeb, she will give them her horse, while J.D.Pickett has accepted a bet to give Erin a week's wages if she is not last! The race is tough, but although not coming in first, they do win both the wager and the bet.

    Jeffrey writes off for a picture of a movie star, Jessica Marlowe and receives a signed photo. Serena teases him that it's not the star's actual signature, so he writes again. When a second photo arrives the handwriting is different and he's very disappointed. Jason, temporarily army driver for VIPs, brings the movie star to the Run and Ride race as Guest of Honor, and Jeffrey has the thrill of escorting her.

    "Mary Ellen and Erin gained new respect in the community because of their remarkable showing in the Run and Ride race. No one would ever look upon them as just girls any more, especially not Sam Barker and Jeb Sanders".

    Jim Bob (reading): No sooner had my blows sunk into silence than it was answered from a voice from within the tomb.
    Elizabeth: Jim Bob, you don't have to do the book part tonight you know.
    Jim Bob (still reading): A howl, a wailing shreik half of horror half of triumph -
    Serena: Jim Bob you're scaring me.
    Jim Bob (continues): - such as might have arisen only from the throats of the damned.
    Mary Ellen: That's enough Jim Bob you're going to wake John Curtis.
    Jim Bob (still reading): I had walled the monster up within the tomb.
    Everyone: Goodnight, Jim Bob....
    Jim Bob: Sweet dreams.

    Also appearing -
    the Godseys (Joe Conley and Ronnie Claire Edwards); Rose (Peggy Rae); Serena (Martha Nix); Jeffrey (Keith Mitchell); J.D.Pickett (Lewis Arquette); Jessica Marlowe (Cathy Worthington); Sam Barker (Mitch Carter); Jeb Sanders (Jonathan Banks).

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  12. THE SPIRIT (20 Dec 1979)
    Writer: Kathleen Hite. Director: Herbert Hirschman. Music: Alexander Courage.

    "My own memories of that Christmas in 1943 are vague and clouded, but those of my family remain vivid in the extreme. For the first time ever my mother would not be home for that most special holiday. She, who'd taught all of us the meaning and spirit of Chritmas, would spend it at the hospital with me. And though they all agreed her place was there, it put the season in a strange light. How strange, how unique and unreal it would become, no one could even imagine".

    As they prepare for Christmas, strange and ridiculous petty thefts mystify everyone. First, smoke is seen high on the mountain, then Ben and Jim Bob see someone in the barn at night. The potato sack is missing; Jim Bob's shirt vanishes from the washing line; the Godsey's store is broken into but only a few apples are missing. Then Miss Baldwin has a cold and hungry stranger in for breakfast, but who disappears quickly when John knocks at the door. Then eight year old Jeffrey finds a "secret friend" in the woods. He invites him to come for Christmas. On that Christmas Eve the family is gathered together when Jeffrey goes to the door and finds his friend outside. John invites him in. He's Paul and explains that he's an escaped P.O.W., half German, but also half American. Remembering that John-Boy, shot down over Europe, was picked up by a German fishing boat and is now recovering in hospital, the family invites him into their home for Christmas.

    "It was a Christmas Eve long remembered in our home, an escaped prisoner-of-war brought the spirit of Christmas to Jeffrey, and to all those gathered, who longed for peace on earth, goodwill toward men".

    Jim Bob: You're really going to let that dog sleep with you Jeffrey?
    Jeffrey: His name's Nick.
    Jim Bob: If he keeps me awake his name's Mud.
    Jeffrey: He'll be quiet. I'll hold him real close.
    Jim Bob: OK, 'night Jeffrey.
    Jeffrey: Goodnight Jim Bob. Go to sleep now Nick.
    Puppy - yap yap yap.
    Jeffrey: Oh oh, Jim Bob? You know when you told me to take Nick outside?
    Jim Bob: Ah ha?
    Jeffrey: I forgot. Can I get in bed with you?
    Jim Bob: No! Goodnight.
    Jeffrey: Merry Christmas Jim Bob.
    John: Goodnight boys, Merry Christmas.

    Also appearing -
    the Godseys (Joe Conley and Ronnie Claire Edwards); Cindy (leslie Winston); Rose (Peggy Rae); Serena (Martha Nix); Jeffrey (Keith Mitchell); Emily Baldwin (Mary Jackson); Paul (Ned Bellamy).

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  13. THE FASTIDIOUS WIFE (27 Dec 1979)
    Writer: Loraine Despress. Director: Gwen Arner. Music: Alexander Courage.

    "Waltons Mountain seemed especially beautiful to my brother Ben and his wife Cindy during the months they awaited the birth of their first child. But the war made its demands. Ben had to work harder than ever before, leaving Cindy alone at the time when she needed him the most".

    She felt neglected, and so when Corabeth pushed on her a new book "The Fastidious Wife" she avidly read it and eagerly tried to follow its suggestions. She busied herself looking after Ben, even tidying up in the mill, where she collapsed from exhaustion. The doctor advised she stayed in bed for a week to recover. She showed Ben the book and they talk it over.

    Jeffrey and Serena bring home a cat they've found nearby, which turns out to be pregnant. John tells them the cat can stay until the kittens are born but then they must go. The children manage to give away all but one of the kittens, and then, relenting, John allows the kitten and its mother to stay.

    "Cindy took it easy for the rest of her term, and her relationship with my brother grew stronger every day. In the years to come she accomplished many things, but she remained true to her own spirit and never again tried to become a 'fastidious wife'".

    Erin: Good grief Elizabeth, what do you have on your face?
    Elizabeth: Cindy gave me her mud pack.
    Erin: Well take it off!
    Elizabeth: Not now, seven secret ingredients are miraculously softening my skin.
    John: That sounds good, let's see how it looks in the morning!
    Erin: Goodnight Daddy.
    Elizabeth: Yeh Daddy, goodnight.
    John: Goodnight!
    pause -
    Elizabeth: Oh no I cracked my mud!

    Also appearing -
    the Godseys (Joe Conley and Ronnie Claire Edwards); Cindy (Leslie Winston); Rose (Peggy Rae); Serena (Martha Nix); Jeffrey (Keith Mitchell); Ned (Zach Lewis); Sue Ann (Denise Latella); Dr Lewis (Fred Downs).

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  14. THE UNTHINKABLE (3 Jan 1980)
    Writer: Dan Ullman. Director: Ralph Waite. Music: Alexander Courage.

    "The battlefields of World War Two were thousands of miles from Waltons Mountain, but those times brought about many changes for my family on the home front. My brother Jason was training recruits at nearby Camp Rockfish and like all servicemen forming the close relationships that became so important during the war. For the youngest members of our household the changes were not too drastic, there were still chores to do, school to attend and the joys or sorrows that went with such events as bringing home Report Cards".

    Elizabeth is upset when teased by her friends and called "Teacher's Pet" because she has got "straight A's" in the exams.

    Jason invites Ted Lupinsky, a fellow soldier at the Camp, home for the weekend. Ted is Jewish, of Polish descent, and has just received a letter, smuggled out of Europe, that his grandfather, a leader in the Warsaw Ghetto uprising, had been taken to an "extermination camp" and killed by poison gas. As this is such horrendous news, John phones a Senator in Washington for confirmation but is told that these camps are only rumors. On the Sunday, they all go up on the mountain near Grandpa's grave to have a picnic, and Ted, having now come to terms with his grandfather's death, says a prayer at the graveside for both grandfathers.

    "We were tragically mistaken. It was only near the end of the war that we learned that there had indeed been extermination camps - Belsen, Buchenwald, Dachau and Freblinka, where unspeakable and unthinkable horrors had been committed, while on Waltons Mountain a young man prayed for his grandfather".

    Elizabeth: Daddy:
    John: Yes Honey.
    Elizabeth: Do you think they'll send Ted Lupinsky to Europe?
    John: Guess so. It's where he wants to go.
    Elizabeth: I'm going to pray he'll be alright.
    John: That might help Honey. It sure couldn't hurt.
    Elizabeth: Goodnight Daddy.
    John: Goodnight.

    Also appearing -
    the Godseys (Joe Conley and Ronnie Claire Edwards); Cindy (Leslie Winston); Rose (Peggy Rae); Serena (Martha Nix); Jeffrey (Keith Mitchell); Ted Lupinsky (Todd Susman); Master Sgt. Barnes (Melvin F.Allen); Flo (Maryann Oedy); Lucille (Erica Hunton).

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  15. THE IDOL (10 Jan 1980)
    Writer: Juliet Packer. Director: Gwen Arner. Music: Alexander Courage.

    "In each of our lives, if we're lucky, we encounter a few extraordinary people who forever alter our perceptions and color our thoughts. They become the touchstones of our lives. In the Spring of 1944 my sister Elizabeth came to know one of these special people".

    A new teacher comes to Waltons Mountain. Her name is Hazel and she and Elizabeth strike up a friendship. Her intention of instructing the children in the true facts about the birth of babies incites the opposition of Corabeth. Unfortunately Hazel is suffering from a terminal brain tumor and when Elizabeth discovers this she is deeply upset. She does come to terms with it and Hazel inspires her with an appreciation of art and a desire to become a teacher. Hazel silences Corabeth's opposition when she invites all the adults to the lesson on childbirth.

    "From that day onward, Hazel's teaching was never again questioned. Elizabeth and Hazel's friendship grew stronger, and even though Hazel died a few months later, her zest for life lived on in my sister".

    Cindy's time to have her baby draws near but Ben gets scared of becoming a father, but he overcomes this when he goes to the hospital and sees his daughter who Cindy decides to name after the most beautiful place in the word - Virginia.

    Erin: Goodnight Jeffrey.
    Jeffrey: Goodnight Erin. If Virginia's your niece, is she my niece too?
    Erin: No, she's your cousin.
    Jeffrey: But you're my cousin!
    Erin: So's Virginia, only she's once removed.
    Jeffrey: Removed where?
    Erin: One generation.
    Jeffrey: What's that?
    Erin: Complicated. Goodnight Jeffrey.
    Jeffrey: Goodnight Erin. Goodnight Virginia!

    Also appearing -
    the Godseys (Joe Conley and Ronnie Claire Edwards); Cindy (Leslie Winston); Rose (Peggy Rae); Serena (Martha Nix); Jeffrey (Keith Mitchell); the Baldwin sisters (Mary Jackson and Helen Kleeb); Hazel (Susan Krebs).

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  16. THE PRODIGALS (17 Jan 1980)
    Writer: Robert Pirosh. Director: Stan Latham. Music: Alexander Courage.

    "As my grandfather used to say, "everybody looks at the world through his own knothole". My brothers and sisters and I and the two cousins who came to live with us were all brought up in the same house and in pretty much the same way. But the world looked a little bit different to each of us, and there was a day, a beautiful bright sunny day, but it looked very bleak to my brother Ben, and even bleaker to my cousin Jeffrey".

    Jeffrey borrows John's best brace, and leaves it in the road where it is run over and damaged. Reprimanded by John, he and his friend Josh see a way to raise some money to buy another. They creep into the Godsey's store one night and rob the till, but are disturbed and run out. Eventually their consciences force the truth to come out and Josh has to paint the store front as punishment. Jeffrey finds himself counting and stacking a large consignment of logs from the mill to the store. They both resolve not to do it again.

    Ben is getting restless at not being in the armed forces. After considerable inward searching, and a visit to John-Boy, now recovering in hospital, he joins the navy - the Seebees - and he and Cindy spend a last weekend together before he leaves.

    "Ben and Cindy were closer than they had ever been before. Though their future was uncertain because Ben was going off to war, this would always be a weekend to remember".

    Jim Bob: Turn the light off Jeffrey, I want to sleep.
    Jeffrey: I haven't finished my homework.
    Jim Bob: You can do it in the morning.
    Jeffrey: I'll have too many chores to do.
    Jim Bob: You're being too good Jeffrey.
    Jeffrey: Oh. I guess maybe you're right.
    Cindy: Goodnight Sailor.
    Ben: You mean Seebee.
    Cindy: Goodnight Seebee.
    Ben: Goodnight Mate!

    Also appearing -
    the Godseys (Joe Conley and Ronnie Claire Edwards); Cindy (Leslie Winston); Rose (Peggy Rae); Serena (Martha Nix); Jeffrey (Keith Mitchell); Verdie Foster (Lynn Hamilton); Josh Foster (James Bond III); Deputy Sheriff (Macon McCalman); John-Boy (Robert Wightman).

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  17. THE REMEMBRANCE (24 Jan 1980)
    Writer: Marion Hargrove. Director: Herbert Hirschman. Music: Alexander Courage.

    "On Waltons Mountain, as everywhere else on earth in the later years of World War Two, there was a constant feeling of dislocation and change. Until one weekend in 1944, in the midst of the chaos and confusion, we unexpectedly found a bright sturdy link between ourselves and the way of life we were so swiftly losing. A rich reminder of who we were, what we were, and where".

    Cousin Zadok comes to visit. He's old, frail and forgetful and the family begin to wonder if he's really come there to die. He tells them that many years ago Grandpa had promised him a picnic if he ever came back to the mountain, and so the family prepare to have one for him. He's had legal papers drawn up bequeathing his farm, where he has done remarkable agricultural research, to Boatwright University. His fine old fiddle, made by the family's ancestor Rome Walton, he gives to John, who passes it over to Jason.

    At the army camp Jason almost literally runs into the Colonel's driver, Sergeant Antoinette "Toni" Hazelton. Initially they get on each other's nerves, and Jason tells her some "home truths", but also adds that he's crazy about her. When she discovers he's written a song about her, she softens and they become friends.

    "Cousin Zadok had the picnic that had been pledged to him 21 years before. And having found our family suitable custodians for the fiddle, he left it with us when he departed on Monday morning. My father wanted to give him a ride back to Big Spruce Knob, but he set out on foot. He said, It's such a pretty day, I think I'll walk!".

    Elizabeth: Daddy?
    John: Yes Elizabeth?
    Elizabeth: You reckon Cousin Zadok's home by now?
    John: I don't expect it matters Honey. He just seems to enjoy traipsin' around.
    Elizabeth: Caucasin'.
    John: And Calahootin'.
    Elizabeth: It's almost as good as having Grandpa back with us, wasn't it.
    John: Almost.
    Elizabeth: Goodnight Daddy.
    John: Goodnight Honey. Goodnight everybody!

    Also appearing -

    the Godseys (Joe Conley and Ronnie Claire Edwards); Cindy (Leslie Winston); Cousin Zadok (Woodrow Chambliss); Toni Hazelton (Lisa Harrison); Dean Beck (Ivor Francis); Harrington (Harry Basch); Colonel Usselbury (Ross Elliott).
    Note: Lisa Harrison is Jon Walmsley's real-life wife.

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  18. THE INSPIRATION (31 Jan 1980)
    Writer: E.F.Wallengren. Director: Ralph Waite. Music: Alexander Courage.

    "On Waltons Mountain we treasured our neighbors, everyone knew everyone else and we shared together in the joys and the sorrows of the people around us. We were all deeply alarmed when we learned that Miss Mamie Baldwin had developed an infection, one that might forever confine her within her home".

    She discovers she is developing cataracts and is going blind. Because their father died on the operating table, she has always refused surgery. Faced with this dilemma, John brings Grandma, now living in Buckingham County, to stay with the Baldwins for a few days. Gently she persuades Miss Mamie that the help that is available should be accepted.

    Elizabeth is attracted to a boy, Steve Prince, but he is unresponsive. She tries several plans of campaign to win him over, but none work. He's interested in another girl, but his friend Drew Cutler finds Elizabeth attractive. Although they are each other's second choice, they go to the school dance together, and become sweet on each other.

    "After Miss Mamie consented to the operation, my grandmother returned to Buckingham County to take care of her sister Angie. When Miss Mamie's eyesight was restored she later said that she had stood at her father's portrait and had seen a look of approval that she had never known to be there".

    Jim Bob: Elizabeth, When you say Goodnight does Drew kiss you? Elizabeth?
    Elizabeth: No, Jim Bob.
    Jim Bob: Aw, come on.
    Elizabeth: Drew kisses me before he says Goodnight.
    Jim Bob: Does he close his eyes when he kisses you?
    Elizabeth: I don't know!
    Jim Bob: Why not?
    Elizabeth: Because I close mine.
    Jim Bob: Elizabeth.
    Elizabeth: What?
    Jim Bob blows a kiss: Goodnight Elizabeth!

    Also appearing -
    Grandma (Ellen Corby); the Godseys (Joe Conley and Ronnie Claire Edwards); Cindy (Leslie Winston); Rose (Peggy Rae); Serena (Martha Nox); Jeffrey (Keith Mitchell); the Baldwin sisters (Mary Jackson & Helen Kleeb); Drew Cutler (Tony Becker); Steve Prince (Philip Linton); Norma (Becky Perle); Dr Canfield (Arthur Hanson).

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  19. THE LAST STRAW (7 Feb 1980)
    Writer: William Parker. Director: Harry Harris. Music: Alexander Courage.

    "As the Second World War raged on in Europe and the Pacific those of us on Waltons Mountain were adjusting to the quickened pace of wartime living. Our family was enjoying a degree of prosperity previously unkown, but our changing fortunes were bringing changing values. And so it was to my father, who's strength had always been an unquestioned source of assurance that the pain of doubt and uncertainty would come".

    He is way behind with orders at the mill and is working late nights. When his hired hand backs the truck and demolishes part of the mill, causing Jim Bob a broken arm, and wrecking equipment, John fires him. Attempting to continue to work with the ancient power saw from the old mill, the motor burns out, and John gives up. He and Ike go on a drinking spree, but after falling off the footbridge into the water late at night, realises that he mustn't just walk out on his problems. He starts to repair the mill and is overwhelmed with surprise and joy when his friends and even his competitors rally round and supply replacement machinery and help.

    Jeffrey has to make something for a school project and decides on a racing cart. He tries to get Ike to get the All American Soap Box Derby held at Waltons Mountain. But when Jeffrey finishes his cart Ike has to tell him that because of the war the Derby has been postponed. So Ike arranges a Waltons Mountain "time trial", just for Jeffrey.

    "Thanks to the efforts of friends and family the mill was soon back in operation. My father, armed with a renewed sense of purpose and confidence continued to serve as a source of strength and assurance in the days to come".

    Serena: Elizabeth, are you sure there's a 10 foot catfish in Drucilla's pond?
    Elizabeth: I'm sure.
    Serena: Did you ever see it?
    Elizabeth: No, but it's there.
    Serena: I don't believe it.
    Jim Bob: Will you girls be quiet I'm trying to get some sleep.
    Serena: How d'you know it's there if you've never seen it?
    Elizabeth: 'Cos Daddy told me. Goodnight Daddy.
    John: Goodnight Honey.

    Also appearing -
    the Godseys (Joe Conley and Ronnie Claire Edwards); Cindy (Leslie Winston); Rose (PeggyRae); Serena (Martha Nix); Jeffrey (Keith Mitchell); Easy Jackson (Britt Leach); Joe Murdoch (Ted Gehring); J.D.Picket (Lewis Arquett); Carl (Bob Hastings); Dr Vance (Victor Izay).

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  20. THE TRAVELING MAN (14 Feb 1980)
    Writer: Kathleen Hite.Director: Herbert Hirschman. Music: Alexander Courage.

    "There were times when the war seemed further away and life on the mountain went about its ordinary business. My father often said that he didn't have to sail the seven seas, or swim the Hellespore, or soar with the eagles if he wanted high adventure. All he had to do was wake up in the morning and his family or his friends or a total stranger would ride up the road and hand it to him"".

    While Rose is in the Godseys' store one day a travelling salesman calls in and she is surprised to find he was her dancing partner when they lived in Baltimore. He, Stanley Perkins, calls on her, they dine out, and their warm friendship is renewed. He proposes marriage to her and she accepts after talking it over with her grandchildren. He finds a deserted house to buy which they go and inspect. He hasn't told her about the offer he has just received for sales work in California, a dream he's cherished for years, but Corabeth has leaked it to Rose and she mentions it to him. She declines to marry him, knowing that he would always be regretful of not going West, so they say goodbye to each other.

    Jim Bob shares his bedroom with Jeffrey but has problems with Jeffrey's dog Nick who keeps tearing Jim Bob's books and clothes. So he turns the hay loft into his own private bedroom and moves out there. But then Jeffrey builds a kennel for the dog, and Jim Bob moves back ino the house.

    "Rose continued to present her very best side to the world, warm laughing, loving. If her heart was broken it never showed in public. After a time, the picture postcards began to arrive and we all wondered if the traveling man would ever travel this way again".

    Jeffrey: Jim Bob?
    Jim Bob: Go to sleep, Jeffrey.
    Jeffrey: How come you're back sleeping in my room?
    Jim Bob: 'Cos someone stole my ladder.
    Jeffrey: Now who would do a rotten thing like that......
    Jim Bob: Goodnight Jeffrey.

    Also appearing -
    the Godseys (Joe Conley and Ronnie Claire Edwards); Cindy (Leslie Winston); Rose (Peggy Rea); Serena (Martha Nix); Jeffrey (Keith Michell); Stanley Perkins (William Schallert).
    Note: Stanley (William Schallert) returns in The Gold Watch (Season 9). Back to the top

  21. THE FURLOUGH (21 Feb 1980)
    Writer: Juliet Packer. Director: Harry Harris. Music: Alexander Courage.

    "There were many homecomings in my life but the one I remember best followed a long spell in the hospital during World War Two. A visit home would be the final step in my recovery, and I looked forward to the comfort of those familiar surroundings. I never dreamed that I would bring the war with me, and that it would haunt me, even on Waltons Mountain".

    John-Boy is still troubled by the memory of the plane crash, but cannot remember what happened when the plane came down in the sea. It's not until Jim Bob shows him a model warplane he's just made that his mind is jolted and he recalls the drowning of his friend Stewart the co-pilot, and learns to live with the agony of the past.

    Ike receives a Government letter telling him he's being called up! Shortly after, an FBI agent comes to arrest him.... When his file is found, it is discovered that his date of birth has been wrongly entered - according to the file he is only 20 years old! The mistake is corrected and Ike returns home.

    "I had come home to plant a part of my tass that was missing. There was an ache in my heart for my friend Stewart, but I had finally confronted the past, and accepted its cruelty".

    Erin: Serena did you put my necklace back?
    Serena: I left it on Nana's dresser, I'll get it in the morning.
    Mary Ellen: Has anybody run across John Curtis' Teddy Bear?
    Erin: I saw it in Cindy's room, and I found your curlers under my bed.
    Mary Ellen: I don't think we'll ever get sorted out, even John-Boy left his slippers.
    Erin: Keep 'em he'll be back!
    Mary Ellen: Goodnight everbody!
    Everybody: Goodnight!

    Also appearing -
    the Godseys (Joe Conley and Ronnie Claire Edwards); Cindy (Leslie Winston); Rose (Peggy Rae); Serena (Martha Nox); Jeffrey (Keith Mitchell); the Baldwin sisters (Mary Jackson and Helen Kleeb); Nan Bennett (Diane Stilwell); Stewart (John Furey); Bragdon (Stephen Keep); Mr Truby (Michael Thoma); John-Boy (Robert Wightman).

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  22. THE MEDAL (28 Feb 1980)
    Writer: Rod Peterson. Director: Walter Alzman. Music: Alexander Courage.

    "They came from the mountains, from the plains, the East coast and the West. During World War Two America was a nation on the move. People from all walks of life and different sections of the country were coming together, learning about each other's customs, exchanging ideas, and sometimes falling in love".

    Standing outside the Godsey's store Mary Ellen sees a young Mexican sergeant alight from the bus and be accosted by some local louts. He defends himself and in the scuffle breaks the arm of one of his attackers. It turns out that it is Mary Ellen he has come to find, and later, at the house, he produces a letter from the President showing that her late husband Curtis has been awarded the Silver Cross medal for bravery. He hands her the medal. It transpires that he is a paratrooper and has seen action all over the world, and that Curtis saved his life. Then Sheriff Bridges calls to tell him the louts have filed charges against him. But Mary Ellen testifies to the truth about the incident, and the charges are dismissed. A romance develops between Mary Ellen and the sergeant, Eddie Ramirez. Later, with Jason and Ben home for the weekend, they celebrate at the Dew Drop Inn, where he is again accosted by the louts. He says who he is and what he's done, and that if they want to fight him he'll "make it interesting" for them, but would rather they fought side by side. Shamefaced, they agree and shake hands.

    "Meeting Eddie Ramirez made Mary Ellen realise that she could still be swept away by romanic feelings, and the sergeant discovered he was still a human being and not just a fighting machine. he returned to his airborne division in time to take part in the first wave of the Allied forces attack on D-Day".

    In Charlottesville library Corabeth comes across a soldier, Captain Roger Westerby, who turns out to have been an admirer of hers back in Doe Hill. She is embarrassed and leaves hurriedly, but he tracks her to the store. Although each of them is married, he wants to take her out, and they spend a pleasant spring afternoon reading poetry by the pond. He tells her he's always loved her, but she remembers she's married to Ike. later he sends her a message urging her to have one last meeing together before he goes overseas. She goes but feels guilty about it. Returning home to her husband she tells him warmly that she loves him dearly, calling him, for once, "Ike".

    Note: This episode ends at the store -
    Corabeth: Goodnight Mr Godsey.
    Ike: Goodnight Corabeth.

    Also appearing -
    the Godseys (Joe Conley & Ronnie Claire Edwards); Cindy (Leslie Winston); Capt Roger Westerby (Jordan Charney); Eddie Ramirez (Enrique Castillo); Sheriff Bridges (John Crawford).

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  23. THE VALEDICTION (13 March 1980)
    Writer: Claire Whittaker. Director: Harry Harris. Music: Alexander Courage.

    "Sometimes it seemed as if we'd always been at war, the quiet of our lives on Waltons Mountain was interrupted daily by headlines and bulletins that took us to far off deserts and island outposts with impossible names. Our days swung between hope and despair, but somehow we went forward, meeting the demands of life in a troubled world, proving at home what the war was proving on every front, that a crisis can make leaders of the most ordinary of men".

    It's 1944 and Jim Bob is graduating. Corabeth has been appointed substitute teacher for the term. John-Boy is home for a short leave, before going on active duty again. Ben arrives to reveal he's being posted to the South Pacific, and Jason says he's applied for overseas duty. Jim Bob, almost certain to get the highest marks in school, is due to give the speech at the Graduation, but doesn't want to, so thinks seriously of deliberately failing a science exam. But after Elizabeth tells him she's ashamed of him, he changes his mind. Erin receives a letter at long last from her boy-friend Ashley Longworth, but the news it brings that he's married to an English girl fills her with grief. John Walton brings Grandma to the Graduation just as Jim Bob announces that all four of the boys graduating from school that day have enlisted in the army. The following morning, as all the Walton boys depart, the family sadly sees them off, wondering what the future will bring.

    "My brothers and I knew as we walked away that morning that things would never again be the same. The war would teach us how small Waltons Mountain was, and how ordinary our lives there. And yet, from the foxholes of France, and the skies over Germany, on the reefs and stolls of the South Pacific, wherever the war was to take us, we returned to the mountain in memory, over and over again; that wooded earth, that frame house, that weathered porch where our loved ones waited - home".

    John: Isn't anybody going to say Goodnight?
    Elizabeth: Goodnight Daddy. Goodnight Jim Bob.
    Jeffrey: Jim Bob can't hear you.
    Elizabeth: I can pretend can't I?
    Erin: Goodnight John-Boy. Goodnight Ben. Goodnight Jason.
    John: Goodnight eveyone.

    Also appearing -
    Grandma (Ellen Corby); the Godseys (Joe Conley and Ronnie Claire Edwards); Cindy (Leslie Winston); Rose (Peggy Rae); Serena (Martha Nix); Jeffrey (Keith Mitchell); John-Boy (Robert Wightman); Drew Cutler (Tony Becker); Roland Piper (Gary Imhoff).

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  24. A DECADE OF THE WALTONS (22 May 1980)
    Writer: Earl Hamner. Directors: Harry Harris and Philip Leacock.

    Note: This film has not been shown in the UK, where I live, and so I have not been able to see it. The following synopsis was compiled by Karen Kearney, to whom I am indebted for her kind permission to include it here -

    "This is Earl Hamner. When I was growing up in the hills of Virginia during the Great Depression, I would never have believed that I would some day end up in a studio in Hollywood, telling the story of my life on television. As a matter of fact, television as we know it today didn't even exist. We grew up here, in this house, where my mother still lives.

    "From the earliest times I can remember I wanted to be a writer. I was told that to be a good writer one should write about what he cares for most passionately. That was my family, and I wrote about them in my novel "Spencer's Mountain", and in a later novel, "The Homecoming". "Spencer's Mountain" became a film, and "The Homecoming" became a Lorimar/CBS television special in 1971. From the special grew the series, "The Waltons", which premiered in the fall of 1972. Since then we've covered ten years: a decade of "The Waltons".

    "On this special program we'll visit my home town where it all began, meet my mother, my brothers and sisters, and the actors who have portrayed them all these years. Stay with us for the next two hours for a visit to two fairly dissimilar towns: Hollywood, California, and Schyler, Virginia, and a fond look back at a decade of "The Waltons":."

    All the family is preparing for Grandma's birthday and her present is to be a photograph album. This allows us to look back on important moments throughout the series, such as Mary Ellen's wedding, John Boy's departure from the series, Grandpa's death, Grandma's coming home after her stroke and the Walton house fire. Earl Hamner wrote this episode and appears throughout it to tell us about his family, his own mountain in Schyler and about the show itself. At the end of the episode we are introduced to the Hamner family, on whom the show was based, and the actors get to meet their counterparts.

    "Someone once asked my sister Marion, where Walton's Mountain is, and she said it is somewhere my brother was very happy. We've been happy here, and I hope that in the past eight years we've entertained you, that we've enriched your lives in some small way, and that whenever possible we've made some small affirmative statement about us as a people and about people as a part of all mankind."

    (Earl joins "The Waltons" actors at the dinner table.) -
    "Will Geer started the custom of joining the hands at the saying of grace at meals, and in his memory:" -
    Earl: Goodnight Ellen.
    Ellen: Goodnight.
    Ralph: Goodnight Ellen. Goodnight Michael.
    Michael: Goodnight Ralph. Goodnight Eric.
    Eric: Goodnight Michael. Goodnight David.
    David: Goodnight Eric. Goodnight Kami.
    Kami: Goodnight David. Goodnight Mary Beth.
    Mary Beth: Goodnight Kami. Goodnight Jon.
    Jon: Goodnight Mary. Goodnight Judy.
    Judy: Goodnight Jon.
    Everybody (looking at the camera): Goodnight everybody.

    Also appearing:
    Tom Bower, Tami Bula, Barry Cahill, Nora Marlowe, Michael Reed, John Ritter.
    Special Appearances:
    Doris Hamner, Bill Hamner, Clifton Hamner, James Hamner, Paul Hamner, Audrey Hawkins, Marion Hawkins, Nancy Jameson and Earl Hamner.
    (Synopsis by Karen Kearney who adds " It is an excellent episode and a "must have" for Waltons fans everywhere").

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