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A Wedding on Waltons Mountain - 1982

[Setting: February 1947 (just before Valentine’s Day)]

"In 1947 the world was slowly recovering from the devastations of World War Two. My brothers and I had returned home safely, but my mother who had been our strength, became ill and was forced to move to Arizona to recuperate. My sister Erin, who had had more than her share of misery in matters of the heart, fell deeply in love with a young man who had become Ben's partner in the lumber business. But the path of true love is strewn with pitfalls, even on Waltons Mountain".

Erin tells Paul about her parent’s dream house while looking at the mountain. Paul then asks Erin if she would like him to build her a dream house. Erin wonders if that is a marriage proposal, with both laughing when they act it out. But Paul becomes serious, asking Erin to be with him all his life. Erin says, 'Yes!' That night the family gathers around the supper table as Mary Ellen announces tomorrow’s grand opening of Jonesy’s new veterinarian clinic. As Jim Bob leaves for a date, Erin and Paul enter. Jonesy knows what they are about to say, by the look on their faces. Everyone hugs the couple, excited at their engagement. The next day Paul drives to the lumber camp where Ben announces that he bid on a five thousand board-feet contract. The huge order will deplete their entire stock, but Ben and Paul agree that they can complete the job if they hire good workers, not the Hurley brothers who currently work for them.

Mary Ellen helps Jonesy prepare his clinic, as Erin and Cindy briefly stop by. Elizabeth sees Drew off to college, but becomes concerned when a pretty girl drives up. Rev. Tom Marshall is buying supplies to paint the parsonage when Corabeth suggests that he needs a presentable wife. She knows of several eligible, young ladies of impeccable character. Tom feels that the Lord will help him, and Ike agrees. Ben and Paul strike a deal with the owner who bid the contract. At the same time Erin looks at wedding dresses outside a Charlottesville dress store. Cindy joins her after going to a secretive errand. Erin confides in Cindy that she loves Paul, but is scared about marriage. The Baldwin sisters are having problems with a leaky recipe machine. Ashley Longworth, Jr. unexpectedly arrives to rescue them from the dilemma and to tell them he has returned to marry Erin. He informs them that his wife has died. Ashley asks if he may stay with them while courting Erin.

After supper, Mary Ellen and Jonesy continue their work at the clinic. Ben and Paul tell Jason about the contract, with Ben admitting he borrowed money with the mill as collateral. Jason thinks he should have asked the family first, since the mill belongs to all of them. Ben tells his brother that he was left in charge, and did what he thought best. Outside, Erin asks Paul if they can marry on Valentine’s Day. Paul says the contract must come first. They fight about his decision when Ashley unexpectedly interrupts the spat. Erin can’t believe he has returned. When she introduces her fiancÚ, Ashley says, 'I’ll have to do something about that!' Ashley privately explains to Erin that his wife died six months ago but that she (Erin) was a shadow standing between them. Erin declares she will marry Paul, then runs inside.

At Ike’s store, Miss Mamie and Miss Emily are informed by Corabeth that Jonesy has no customers at his new clinic. The sisters realize they can take Dickey to see Doc Jones, even though there is nothing wrong. Jonesy quickly realizes that the dog is fine, only suffering from loneliness. Realizing that not charging will offend the two ladies, Jonesy states that the initial office visit is one dollar. Ben and Paul are told by Charlie that all the local lumber dealers, including Jenkins, have sold all their materials to Northridge Lumber. On a stormy night Ike welcomes Tom Marshall inside for dinner. Unexpectedly Tom finds that Ernestine Boyd was also invited. Corabeth praises Ernestine for teaching Sunday school at Rockfish and for almost never being without her bible. Tom is obviously uncomfortable with the matchmaking.

At the Dew Drop Inn, Jason receives a telephone call from his father. Jason explains to John the deal that Ben has negotiated. John asks to be kept posted, whereupon Jason updates him on the situation with Ashley and Paul. The next morning Erin attempts to apologize to Paul, but is hindered by the noise of the saw motor. He finally turns off the machinery, and accepts her apology. Paul promises to take her for a walk in order to develop plans. Later, Paul confronts his father, while Ben looks on, telling him that he believes he intentionally bought all the lumber to ruin them. Northridge says their deal was a good move, but will compete every step of the way. He offers to sell him lumber at cost plus ten percent, but Paul refuses.

Elizabeth makes a valentine box for school, while Jim Bob is off for another date. Jonesy and Mary Ellen arrive while Ben and Paul talk over arrangements. Suddenly Erin and Ashley arrive after he finds her stranded by the side of the road. Paul looks on while Erin flirts with Ashley. He leaves as the family stares. Later, Mary Ellen confronts her sister, saying she is 'playing with fire' by trying to make Paul jealous. While filling Tom Marshall’s gas tank Ike suggests he take the new cutoff past Waynesboro as he travels. Corabeth wonders where he is going, but Tom only says that it is church business. Ike says its two dollars for the gas. Elizabeth walks up to Ike wondering if mail came from Drew. None had arrived.

As Jim Bob leaves for another date, Erin waits for Paul. Unexpectedly Ashley walks up and persuades her to walk with him. Elizabeth sees them leave, prompting her to tell the others. A little later, the front door opens as Jason brings home their father. The family warmly welcomes John, gathering around the table as he talks about Arizona. Ben and Paul arrive to find that John has returned. Ben introduces his father to his future son-in-law. They have returned from Charlottesville where Paul bought an engagement ring. Mary Ellen and Jonesy leave in search for Erin, knowing that she is out with Ashley. After saying goodnight to John, the boys walk to the porch, where Paul observes Erin and Ashley arguing but eventually kissing. When Erin reaches the porch, she finds Paul angry at what occurred. Erin runs into the house, looking toward her father for help. In the morning Erin attempts to explain, but Paul wants nothing to do with her.

At the camp site Ben and Paul realize that the Hurley brothers are gone, having ignored their work. They decide to finish the job themselves. Later at the house, Virginia and John Curtis wait for their supper, as Elizabeth makes stew that isn’t appetizing to Jim Bob and Erin. At the mill John offers his services to Ben and Paul after learning they are without help. Cindy returns from Charlottesville after another mysterious errand. Before going on another date, Jim Bob plays 'horsy' with John Curtis. At supper John asks Cindy to say 'grace' where she announces the 'blessed new soul that has been entrusted to Ben and her'. The family rejoices, as John beams with pride.

Jonesy advises Paul that when two people love each other and a quarrel develops, someone should compromise. Mary Ellen adds that he has been 'stiff-necked'. But Paul finds that Erin is unwilling to talk, as she meets Ashley for a date. John and Paul watch them kiss, whereupon John tells Paul that he thought he could handle her. Paul thinks he guessed wrong. Erin returns, seeking advice from her father. John says she should make her own decision. When Erin says he 'loved' Ashley and now 'loves' Paul, John thinks she has already made her decision. The next morning as Jason and Jim Bob help at the mill, Erin tells Ashley that she has decided to stay with Paul. Elizabeth looks for her valentine’s box, finally seeing John-Curtis use it to drag Virginia around the yard. Jim Bob offers to help her repair it. They discuss how each other are alone, with Drew away at college and Jim Bob actually going to the movies by himself. Jason stops to have coffee on the way to deliver the lumber order. While inside the cafe, the Hurley brothers steal the truck. Jason explains later what happens, resulting in Paul believing his father is behind the incident. Later John pours over the dream house blueprints, telling Elizabeth he may not be able to build the house. Elizabeth says that Drew may build her a dream house, and he and Momma can move in.

Corabeth visits the parsonage early in the morning to find a strange woman answering the door. Corabeth becomes flustered and walks away. The woman believes she has 'shaken a pillar of the church'. Tom agrees, and adds 'to her very foundations'. Corabeth returns to tell Ike that a 'brazen hussy' is at Rev. Marshall’s house. Ike says, 'How about that Tom!' Later, while Corabeth is having one of her 'headaches' Tom and his new bride walk into the store. Tom introduces Doris to the Godsey’s, and takes responsibility for not having the wedding on the Mountain. She explains that her father, Dean Thurwell, wanted the wedding at the University Chapel in Lexington. Corabeth is impressed with her credentials. Ashley confronts Paul, telling him to stay away from Erin. They fight, while Erin tries to break up the brawl. She finally says she is sick and tired of them, and walks off. Erin rushes to her room, ready to leave for Virginia Beach to cool off. The next morning,as John and Erin drive to the bus depot they observe Ashley’s car on the roadside. Thinking something is wrong they investigate, and find Ashley talking with the Hurley brothers. They hear that Ashley was the mastermind behind the heist, and confront him about trying to ruin Paul to get to Erin. He admits the lumber is at the old Turner place.

Ben and Paul return after completing the contract, with Paul deciding to move back to the camp to be away from Erin. Cindy answers the door to find Drew waiting to give flowers to Elizabeth for Valentine’s Day. Elizabeth and Drew hug and kiss, glad to be back together. John returns with Erin, explaining what happened. Erin drives off to find Paul. She apologizes for acting the fool, but admits she always loved him. Paul finally says he also loves her. They reconcile, kiss, and Paul gives her the engagement ring. Paul readies himself for the wedding ceremony, as Jonesy helps. Mr. Northridge enters the room to tell his son that he is proud of him for the way he completed the contract. In the next room John gives Erin a letter and gift from Olivia and a telegram from John-Boy. The letter tells of Olivia’s thoughts on Erin’s special day. At the foot of the steps, Erin finds Grandma waiting for her, happy that she is there. The wedding proceeds as family and friends gather at the church. John Curtis is ring-bearer, Virginia is flower girl, Mary Ellen and Elizabeth are bride maids, while Ben is best man. Rev. Marshall officiates the ceremony as Paul and Erin are joined as husband and wife.

"My sister Erin's wedding is as clear in my memory as it is in my mother's, although neither of us were there. And that fact has caused me to marvel many times at the power of the human heart over mere time and space. There was a special bond of love in our family which brought us to that small church to witness the beginning of a marriage that's as strong today as it was then".

[little boy cries]
Mary Ellen: John Curtis, what are you doing, still awake?
John Curtis: Thinking.
Mary Ellen: What are you thinking about?
John Curtis: Getting married!
John Curtis: John Curtis, as much as I want grandchildren, there's really no hurry!
John Curtis: Goodnight Grandpa.
John: Goodnight John Curtis.
John Curtis: I'm glad you're home.
John: So am I. Goodnight everybody!

Mother's Day on Waltons Mountain - 1982

Olivia sends a telegram to Mary Ellen on the eve of her daughter’s wedding to Jonesy. Later Mary Ellen reads the message to Jonesy, who says they will travel to Arizona to see her, if Olivia is not better soon. The next day, the wedding party emerges from the church, on its way to the reception at the house. John toasts the couple, while Jonesy toasts Mary Ellen and Harry Philpot of Deadeye Gulch, Nevada (who sold him the ‘lemon’ that brought them together). Ben and Cindy talk about being two months away from the birth of their second child, while Erin and Paul discuss the possibility of a second honeymoon. Ben and Paul later talk about their heavy workload planned for the next month and the pending visit of Cindy’s mother. Elizabeth and Aimee discuss how they have changed when Ike informs Rev. and Mrs. Marshall that his daughter is an outstanding art student. Mary Ellen tells Corabeth that the honeymoon will consist of a camping trip along the James River. Before leaving, Mary Ellen says goodbye to John Curtis, then throws her bouquet that is caught by Aimee. That night Jonesy and Mary Ellen eat and talk around the campfire. Jonesy gives his new wife a necklace, and they discuss having children.

Aimee enters the store after drawing pictures but Corabeth does not like her looks, especially her defensive lipstick and revealing dress. Aimee says all the college girls wear such clothes, becoming mad at her mother’s provincial outlook. After learning about her relationship with her art professor Corabeth says that Aimee will be sent to a New England college. However, Aimee prefers to stay near the Mountain. After Ike and Corabeth leave, Aimee smokes a cigarette while finishing an unflattering caricature of Corabeth.

The next morning Jim Bob works at the garage, while Aimee tells Elizabeth about her art professor as they wait for Drew’s return from college. Elizabeth is telling Aimee that she is preparing for high school finals when Drew arrives on the bus. Mary Ellen drives off in the jeep to buy coffee, bread, and worms (for the fish) while Jonesy fishes for supper. But on the way through the forest a deer runs in front of Mary Ellen, forcing her off the road, and overturning the car. At the hospital Jonesy waits as John rushes in. Soon Dr. Cole tells the two that Mary Ellen will need surgery to stop internal bleeding and to remove her spleen. Dr. Cole returns to tell John and Jonesy that the operation was successful. Jonesy wakens Mary Ellen, telling her everything is fine. Mary Ellen wonders if the deer is okay. John enters to comfort his daughter. Drew walks Elizabeth home from school as Aimee bicycles her way to see Maude Gormley’s new litter of Irish Setter pups. Drew agrees to go with Aimee, while Elizabeth stays behind to write a school essay.
Ben comes home to see Virginia playing and Mrs. Norris inside with Cindy. Mother and daughter decide to go to Charlottesville to buy children clothes. But Ben is uncomfortable with the way Cindy’s mother is pushing her way into their lives.

Ben comes home to see Virginia playing and Mrs. Norris inside with Cindy. Mother and daughter decide to go to Charlottesville to buy children clothes. But Ben is uncomfortable with the way Cindy’s mother is pushing her way into their lives.

Jonesy and John Curtis go into Rockfish to have their photographs taken as a Mother’s Day gift for Mary Ellen. While at the hospital Dr. Cole tells Mary Ellen that her uterus was torn in the accident and sewn up during the operation. He reminds Mary Ellen that she will not be able to conceive children, due to risk to baby and mother. Knowing Jonesy wants children, Mary Ellen is devastated by the news. Released later from the hospital, John Curtis waits for his mother to return. As she walks in the room Jonesy, Cindy, Erin, and Elizabeth sing, 'She’s a Jolly Good Fellow'. But when Cindy mentions a hospital stay for the birth of her child, Mary Ellen snaps at her, saying she should be grateful for a healthy baby.
After a busy day of shopping, Cindy and her mother, Bernadine, stop for a cup of tea. Mrs. Norris offers to help pay for expenses, when Cindy realizes it’s time, even though the baby is not due for several weeks.

At home Virginia plays while Elizabeth writes her essay. Drew walks in expecting to go fishing with Elizabeth. But Elizabeth must work on her paper, forcing Drew to leave upset. Jonesy sees Mary Ellen sitting in the sun, and suggests they take a picnic basket up to the Mountain. But Mary Ellen says she is behind in her class work, hesitant to be alone with her husband. Aimee finds Drew skipping stones at Druscilla’s Pond. They discuss perfume and sweat socks. Aimee asks Drew to pose for her and he reluctantly agrees to show his physique.

At the mill Ben receives a call saying that Cindy is ready to deliver. Ben and John rush to the hospital in Charlottesville. Ben arrives just before Cindy is wheeled into the delivery room. The family waits for the news, except for Mary Ellen who is studying. Jonesy gives her a negligee but Mary Ellen is concerned about him being able to see her scar. While passionately kissing Jonesy mentions that twins run in his family. Suddenly Mary Ellen tells Jonesy that he must return the gift, saying it is too expensive. Jonesy asks what is wrong. Mary Ellen says he is rushing her. Jonesy is confused by her behavior.

At the hospital Mrs. Norris is anxious for a cigarette while waiting for Cindy’s delivery. Ben asks his father how he was able to wait for the birth of his children, when a nurse announces that Ben has a new baby boy. At Ike’s store John wonders why he hasn’t received the first payment for the Maritown contract. Ike realizes the work is running John ragged. John tells Corabeth that the new baby’s name is Charles Benjamin Walton, but is called ‘Charlie’. John returns with groceries, and finds Mary Ellen building a tower of blocks with John-Curtis. Wondering why she has not seen her new nephew, Mary Ellen admits that she can’t have more children and has not told to Jonesy. She feels a strong need to talk with her Momma, knowing she went through a similar circumstance.

Bernadine suggests that Cindy stay with her at the hotel while her premature son stays at the hospital for an additional week. But when Ben sees the suite he announces that Cindy needs to move to another room, being unable to afford such luxury. Bernadine says the room is her gift. Eventually Ben gives in, but is visibly uncomfortable. Bernadine and Cindy realize that Ben is a very prideful man.

In the middle of the night Jonesy finds Mary Ellen standing on the porch. Jonesy wonders what is going on. Mary Ellen tells him that they will not be able to have children, that all their dreams won’t be fulfilled. Jonesy hugs Mary Ellen, telling her adoption is possible and that he loves her. Mary Ellen states that she will not hold him if he decides to leave. Jonesy can’t believe what she said.

Aimee leaves to paint, but behind the store changes into a more revealing outfit and puts on lipstick. Drew drives up, as Jim Bob watches from across the road. Elizabeth is playing with Virginia when Mrs. Norris arrives, saying Ben knows she is taking Ginny to be with her mother. Corabeth knocks on the door, asking Mary Ellen if she knows where Aimee is. Mary Ellen doesn’t, but invites Corabeth in for a cup of tea. She asks Corabeth about the procedure for adoption. Corabeth tells Mary Ellen that it is doubtful she could adopt since she has been divorced. The disappointment in Mary Ellen’s face is obvious.

Aimee is drawing Drew’s male torso when he develops a crick in his neck. She gives him a massage, when Corabeth walks up, embarrassed by the actions of her daughter. While Erin and Elizabeth set the supper table, Rev. Marshall stops by to ask Elizabeth if she would read her essay at church on Mother’s Day. Elizabeth hesitates, but eventually agrees. John, Jason and Ben unload lumber when Elizabeth tells Ben that Virginia is with Mrs. Norris. Ben knows nothing about her visit, and is upset that she took his daughter without first asking him. John doesn’t think it’s a good idea to confront Mrs. Norris. Inside the house Jonesy finds Mary Ellen packing, preparing to visit Olivia. Mary Ellen says she needs time to be by herself. Jonesy says he will not help her run away. John drives into Charlottesville to pick up a combination blade, and to visit Mrs. Norris. Ike and Corabeth discuss what to do with their daughter. Corabeth wants to send her to Aunt Matilda while they search for a conservative school. Jonesy and John Curtis treat a calf at the clinic, while John Curtis wonders why his mother went away. John explains to Mrs. Norris that he thinks she was ‘high-handed’ for taking Ginny without Ben’s knowledge. Bernadine responds by saying he has been involved in their lives more than she has been. John remarks that he has never tried to stand between Ben and Cindy. As they argue Virginia enters the room, wondering about her Daddy.

In Arizona, Mary Ellen tells her mother what has happened. Olivia says she felt cheated when she no longer was able to bear children. Mary Ellen confesses that she feels damaged. Even though the burden is great for her, Olivia knows that her daughter must share her grief and burden with her husband. Jim Bob confronts Aimee, telling her that he doesn’t like the way she is treating her friends. He also says she flirts too much and looks cheap. Aimee runs into her room, upset at Jim Bob’s comments. Corabeth runs after her. Aimee tells her that everybody hates her. Aimee confesses that her art professor is a middle-aged man who is married and that she was only babysitting their children. Thinking she is not very talented at painting, Aimee only wants to stop feeling like an orphan. She wants to feel part of a home.

Mrs. Norris brings Cindy home to be with Ben and Virginia. John thanks Bernadine, each knowing they are learning to be grandparents. That night Jonesy reads John Curtis a bedtime story about a scary lion. Tomorrow is Mother’s Day and they decide to call Mary Ellen. The family eats breakfast before church service, talking about where to sit twelve people around the table. Drew calls on Elizabeth, telling her that he loves her. He walks her to church, while Jim Bob walks Aimee. As John Curtis walks downstairs a horn is heard outside. He finds his mother has returned home. The family welcomes Mary Ellen, but then leave so she and Jonesy can have time alone. Jonesy gives his wife the portrait, saying their current family is enough for him. They hug as Mary Ellen asks for a smaller picture for her necklace. She explains that she should have shared her pain with him. Knowing his wife has really returned, Jonesy welcomes home Mary Ellen.

Elizabeth reads her essay at church about her mother’s love, constant goodness, and ability to feel love. At dinner John gives thanks for the food, and blesses the family, both those at the table and those not with them today. The phone rings during the meal. It’s Olivia, who couldn’t wait to talk with the family. John explains all is well, and the two exchange feelings of love. With the family crowding around, Olivia listens to their voices on the telephone.

"We would all spend other Mother's Days apart from her, but nothing has ever separated us from my mother's vibrant love, which continues to reach out to us across the miles and across the years".

John Curtis: Goodnight Grandpa.
John: Goodnight John Curtis!
Virginia: Goodnight Grandpa.
John: Goodnight Virginia.
John Curtis: Goodnight Grandpa.
Mary Ellen: That's enough, you kids, let your grandpa get his sleep....
John: I can sleep some other time Mary Ellen.
Mary Ellen: What's wrong with now?
John: There's a whole new generation of Waltons in this house. They're learnin' our ways!
Elizabeth: Goodnight Daddy, goodnight everyone!
John: Goodnight Elizabeth. Goodnight everybody.

Cast - Waltons family -
John (Ralph Waite); Jason (Jon Walmsley); Mary Ellen (Judy Norton Taylor); Erin (Mary Beth McDonough; Ben (Eric Scott); Jim Bob (David Harper); Elizabeth (Kami Cotler); Olivia (Michael Learned); Cindy (Leslie Winston); Virginia (Angela Rhodes); Jonesy (Richard Gilliland) ; John Curtis (David Friedman); Charles Benjamin Walton (unknown).

Also appearing -
Ike and Corabeth Godsey (Joe Conley and Ronnie Claire Edwards); Aimee Godsey (DeAnna Robbins); Rev. Tom Marshall (Kip Niven); Paul Northridge (Morgan Stevens); Bernadine Norris (Penelope Windust); Drew Cutler (Tony Becker); Doris Thurwell Marshall (Joanna Kerns).

  • Olivia is recuperating at the Sunny Hill Sanatorium in Arizona.
  • John will return to Arizona after finishing a lumber contract.
  • Jonesy bought his car at Harry’s Used Cars in Deadeye Gulch, Nevada. (Actually, in The Whirlwind (s9/e8) Jonesy says he bought the car in San Francisco, California.)
  • Aimee Godsey attends Wallace Preparatory School.
  • John-Boy is at his job in New York City.
  • The bus company is called the White Arrow Bus Line.
  • Charles Benjamin Walton was named after Cindy’s father, Charles, and Ben.
  • Mrs. Radnor is Elizabeth’s teacher.
  • Corabeth’s spinster Aunt Mitilda lives in Doe Hill.

A Day for Thanks on Waltons Mountain - 1982

"In those days before Thanksgiving 1947, it seemed unlikely that we would sit down together as a family for the traditional dinner. The years of growing up were passing, and we were caught in the tides of our individual lives, separated by much more than miles".

Ben greets Cindy with a big hug and kiss as she brings home the groceries. Virginia comes running, but Elizabeth can’t find John Curtis who has run off again. Cindy believes there is more troubling Elizabeth than just finding John Curtis. Elizabeth repeats that she doesn’t think it’s really Thanksgiving unless everybody is home. John Curtis runs into the woods, to the spot where he meets a new friend. Jim Bob is working at the garage when Yancy walks up with Isabella the turkey. He needs a truck inner tube but has no cash. Yancy agrees to swap his precious bird for the inner tube. As Yancy walks away two men (Sweeney and Al Peterson) drive up saying they are closing their Rockfish garage and have thousands of dollars of parts for sale, at five hundred dollars cash. Yancy thinks it’s a chance of a lifetime, convincing Jim Bob to take him on as a partner.

Ben calls his father in Arizona, learning that his mother’s recovery is a long process. Ben wishes his father could return for Thanksgiving. After hanging up John gazes upon the family pictures, homesick for them. In New York City John-Boy is unsuccessfully typing a radio article when his boss (Van) tells him to start fresh in the morning. John-Boy’s girlfriend (Jane Schuller) appears after being stood up for dinner. John-Boy tells her that he has writer’s block. At his apartment, Jane suggests he stop writing and recharge his batteries. John-Boy doesn’t understand why he needs time off, never needing it before. Elizabeth is disappointed when John-Boy writes that he won’t be home for Thanksgiving. Erin and Cindy console Elizabeth when Paul says there will be many at dinner in 'the land of a thousand Waltons'. Ben thinks Paul is overworked; but Erin says it is more, realizing their marriage has problems. Mary Ellen greets everybody, but finds that her son has run off again. Later, Mary Ellen suggests that he play with his friend closer to the house. Erin informs the family that she and Paul may not attend Thanksgiving dinner.

At the Dew Drop Inn Jason plays the piano as Ike and Jim Bob look on. When Jason takes a break, Ike takes a try at the piano. Jason attempts a joke saying 'no credit to relatives' but Jim Bob takes it wrong, feeling like he is 'running in place'. Jason understands, wondering if he should return to music school. But Jim Bob thinks he is lecturing him and walks away mad. Later Jason explains to Jim Bob that he was talking about himself. Jim Bob decides not to ask the family for money to fund his venture.

At the Baldwin house the sisters receive a letter from Cousin Octavius, demanding their usual presence at her Thanksgiving dinner. Miss Emily sneezes, hoping it will develop into pneumonia, so they won’t have to go. Jim Bob tries to catch his newly bought turkey, as Jason and Jonesy laugh at the antics. Ike joins them, and wonders who is winning. Jonesy leaves to help Jim Bob, as Jason asks Ike if he is happy on the mountain. Ike tells him that he has Corabeth, the business, and Aimee, and is happy with his life. Inside the store Corabeth and Ike plan their trip to Colonial Williamsburg, since Aimee is spending the holidays with a friend. Corabeth is dressed up in a colonial costume talking to the Baldwin sisters, when Ike walks out in colonial garb saying he looks like a jackass. Miss Emily agrees with him.

Erin confronts Paul, wondering what is wrong. Paul explains that the family crowds him, never having time alone. Erin suggests they leave for Thanksgiving, possibly to his father’s house. At a New York City bar, Belle Becker suggests that John-Boy set aside his writings to find out if he really is a writer. Jonesy explains to John Curtis and Virginia that Isabella is their main course for Thanksgiving, not a pet. At the same time, Jason is packing to leave for New York City when Elizabeth tries to convince him to stay. Jason says to toughen up, not promising he will be back for the special dinner. Jim Bob drives up to Ike’s store with Yancy on their way to the Baldwin sisters. Yancy holds yellow flowers while Jim Bob walks inside to buy chocolates, hoping the sisters will fund their project. In the forest, Mary Ellen searches again for her son, finding him at his favorite spot. John Curtis wants his mother to meet his friend, but he has suddenly disappeared.

John-Boy hears a knock on his apartment door, finding his brother Jason outside. Over beers, Jason talks about making a move, tired of the old routine at the Dew Drop. Wanting to compose, but unsure of his abilities, Jason asks John-Boy for advice. John-Boy quotes a Thomas Wolfe passage, implying a person must unlock his own potentials. Back home, John returns in a taxi finding Elizabeth putting up wash. She is excited to see him, as the rest of the family realizes he has returned. They follow him into the house, except Paul. Erin comes out to find him. He knows that Erin will now want to stay home, and reluctantly agrees.

John does repairs around the house when Elizabeth tells her father that having him home makes Thanksgiving special. When Elizabeth says that she has been feeling sorry for herself, John reminds her that she must count her blessings. Jason meets John-Boy at a restaurant where he exclaims that Dr. Milton Langer, a well-known concert pianist, heard him play one of his compositions. When Jane meets Jason, she recommends that he take John-Boy home. When John-Boy says he wishes to see Grandpa, Grandma, Daddy, and Momma laughing and full of life; and feels that he left his talent on the mountain, Jason tells his brother, 'Let’s go home'.

On Walton’s Mountain John walks in to find John-Boy eating breakfast in bed. John-Boy tells his Daddy that he is fine. John Curtis runs outside to see Isabella. He wonders when his Mommy will come home, and questions why Jonesy is not his Daddy. That night John-Boy walks outside to find Mary Ellen waiting for Jonesy. They reminisce about growing up, and their lives today. John-Boy wonders if he will write again.

The next morning Jim Bob and John look through the new supplies. Later Jim Bob works on the Baldwin’s car, telling his father that he likes working on the mountain, even though his brothers don’t understand. Jason listens to Corabeth talk to a prospective buyer, and then learns she will cancel her trip so she can show the Dew Drop to Zimmerman. Ike learns that the trip is cancelled, upset that he just put down a deposit. He decides to call Aimee, and insist she come home. When he calls, Aimee already has a bus ticket and will be home at three o’clock on Thursday afternoon.

John and John Boy observe the Baldwin sisters drive up, bringing some of the Recipe. While talking about their trip to Octavia’s, Miss Emily smells gasoline. John finds gas leaking unexpectedly from the new fuel line. Upon investigating Jim Bob finds that only the top parts are good, all the others are defective. Jim Bob doesn’t know how he will recoup his losses. Paul tells Erin that he needs time alone, deciding to go to his father’s house. Jim Bob replaces the defective fuel filter and tells John that he’s not sure how he’ll be able to pay back the Baldwin sisters. John offers to become his partner. After helping Jim Bob, John talks with Erin, who is crying after Paul has left. John Curtis takes Virginia into the forest to visit his friend. They see him in a tree. At the lumber camp John drives up to find Paul chopping wood. John tells the young man that he thinks he is walking away from his problem. When Paul inquires what he should do, John suggests that he and Erin move to the cabin. Wondering how to do that, John places a toolbox in front of him, and walks away.

Elizabeth calls Jane Schuller, inviting her to the house for Thanksgiving. Jonesy continues to fatten Isabella, but feels bad about the bird’s ultimate consequence. John talks with John-Boy who admits he has doubts about his writings. John doesn’t agree with him, quoting from a remarkable passage he wrote about Founders’ Day. John tells him never to say he is not a writer. Yancy visits Isabella, remembering the good times. Jonesy overhears Yancy, telling him that Isabella is fulfilling her destiny. At the Dew Drop Inn, John visits Jason who is cleaning up. Jason admits he is unsure whether he is on his right course, thinking about continuing his music. But Jason worries about the family, if he has the necessary talent, and where to begin. John believes he knows those answers. 

Elizabeth knocks on the front door of the Baldwin house, asking the sisters to eat Thanksgiving dinner with them. They decide to stand up to Octavia. John-Boy and Elizabeth bring Grandma home from Buckingham County. She kisses John on the forehead as he sleeps on the porch. Jonesy is found in the kitchen with a butchered turkey. Grandma prepares to cook it when she finds a price tag inside. Paul drives in to tell Erin to come with him. At the cabin Paul shows Erin all of his improvements. He tells Erin that he wants her to live here with her. She agrees and all is well with them. Jonesy shows John his new centrifuge when Mary Ellen tells them that she again can’t find John-Curtis. They all look for him. Jane and Stormy arrive with Aimee on the bus. Ike and Corabeth warmly greet Aimee, as she introduces her parents to John-Boy’s girlfriend. They drive to the Walton’s house for dinner. John finds John Curtis asleep by a stream and takes him home. John helps Grandma with her apron and broach, remembering when he came to her and Pa for advice, and now his children come to him.

The family gathers for Thanksgiving. Looking at the photograph album John Curtis and Virginia gaze upon a picture for the first time. The man is their friend in the forest. The family look at Grandpa’s picture, knowing Zeb is still looking after the family. Soon the Baldwin sisters arrive after Octavia has come down with the flu. Then Ike, Corabeth, Aimee, and Jane (with Stormy) arrive. Corabeth announces to Jason that Mr. Zimmerman has bought the Dew Drop. Yancy arrives last, unsure whether he can eat his turkey. Suddenly a 'gobble, gobble' is heard outside the window. Isabella’s life has been spared by Jonesy, with a store-bought turkey from Ike’s store. Elizabeth asks the blessing as everyone holds hands. Everyone feels blessed at being together.

"There is in the wonder of childhood the magic of believing, the all-entrusting sensitive mind that reaches out to be touched. Our Grandfather's long presence on this mountain made him live on in the lives of the family who cherished him, somehow even unto a great-grandson he never knew. Blessings need not always be understood, only deeply felt. That Thanksgiving Day in 1947 became a day of release and discovery. I'd come home again, and home was still there".

Elizabeth: Daddy?
John: Yes, Elizabeth?
Elizabeth: Do you remember the last time we were all together, before Grandpa died and before Mama got sick, before John-Boy left home for the first time/
John: It was up in the mountain, wasn't it? Last time we were all together, we had a picnic.
Jim Bob: We sang songs just about all night long.
Elizabeth: I think that was the happiest time I can remember.
Jason [starts to sing]:
Let me call you Sweetheart,

[the others join in]: I'm in love with you,
Let me hear you whisper that you love me too,
Keep the love light glowing in your eyes so true,
Let me call you Sweetheart, I'm in love with you.

Cast (Walton family) -
John (Ralph Waite); Jason (Jon Walmsley); Mary Ellen (Judy Norton Taylor); Erin (Mary Beth McDonough); Ben (Eric Scott); Jim Bob (David Harper); Elizabeth (Kami Cotler); Grandma (Ellen Corby); Cindy (Leslie Winston); Virginia (Angela Rhodes); John-Boy (Robert Wightman); Jonesy (Richard Gilliland); Paul Matthews Northridge (Morgan Stevens); John Curtis (David Friedman); Charles Benjamin Walton (unknown).

Also appearing -
Ike and Corabeth Godsey (Joe Conley and Ronnie Claire Edwards); the Baldwin sisters (Mary Jackson and Helen Kleeb); Yancy Tucker (Robert Donner); Belle Becker (Bettye Ackerman); Aimee Godsey (DeAnne Robbins); Jane Schuller (Melinda Naud); Sweeney (unknown); Al Peterson (unknown); John-Boy’s boss, Van (unknown).
And - Daniel Currie; Royce D.Applegate; David Friedman; Angela Rhodes; Jerry Hoffman.

  • The quote, beginning "I have walked the land in the footsteps of all my fathers......" is from Founders Day, (S7/23).
  • John-Boy's car license plates: 908-253.
  • Jim Bob’s partner in the Foster-Walton garage, Jody Foster, is away at college.
  • Yancy Tucker’s barbershop business isn’t doing very well since he cut off Casper Farley’s earlobe.
  • Aimee is attending Boatwright College (really Boatwright University), and she lives in a woman’s dormitory.
  • Professor Boen, from Kleinberg, introduced Jason to Dr. Langer.
  • Jane Schuller originally is from Iowa. She owns a black cocker spaniel puppy named Stormy.
  • Jonesy has bought the Thanksgiving turkey at Ike’s store for ten dollars, ninety


A Walton Thanksgiving Reunion - 1993

"The symbol of family for all of us, this old house, remained the center of our lives even though we children had moved away. I was living in New York City, and Elizabeth was traveling abroad. All my other brothers and sisters made their homes within a few miles of Waltons Mountain. For me, coming home was remembering what was real and meaningful, even when outside events turned everything upside down, the way they did in November of 1963".

In New York City John-Boy is appearing on a morning television news program reporting about a visit to Texas of President Kennedy. His girlfriend (Janet) looks on, preparing to leave with him for Walton’s Mountain to meet his family. In Charlottesville, Mary Ellen, a practicing physician, is home with her two children (Clay and Katie) while Grandma visits. Jonesy is in the military, stationed in the Vietnam jungle teaching natives how to care for their animals. Cindy is home when Erin arrives with her three children. She is substituting all week while Cindy baby-sits. Cindy reports that the Northridge alimony check is generous for Erin. And Erin notices that Virginia’s highchair is in the kitchen. With Cindy’s daughter dead for two years, Cindy is still hoping for more children. But Ben is against adoption.

At the store Ike finds that Corabeth is sick again this morning, still upset about the life that their daughter has decided upon. A letter has arrived from Aimee but Corabeth has no desire to read it. Ike says that she is breaking Aimee’s heart, and silently says that she is breaking his heart, too.

Olivia straightens Grandpa’s picture and awakens John, who is asleep in front of the television set. They reminisce about the first time (on their honeymoon) that they talked about building the house on top of the Mountain. John has decided to break ground in the spring, so are planning for all the family to be home for Thanksgiving, the last one in the old house. They are worried about Elizabeth who is traveling in Europe.

Ben tries to start his Daddy’s old truck but it won’t turn over. Ben tries to convince John to buy a new truck, new equipment, and to hire additional workers so they can have a quality business. But John wants to maintain their current hands-on operation. The truck finally starts to John’s delight, and Ben’s frustration.
Jim Bob drives Jason home after returning from a concert tour. Jim Bob tells his brother that he is doing well as a pilot, getting work in crop dusting and charter flights. When they drive up to Jason’s apartment three excited children (Roy, Merle, and a third son) greet their father, along with an angry wife (Toni). After Jason tells Toni that he misses her, she softens up and warmly welcomes him home.

John fixes the drain to the kitchen sink after it stops again. They wonder what John-Boy’s girlfriend is like, assuming she is a big-city girl. Olivia wants to look refined as she wears earrings and high-heeled shoes. Suddenly John-Boy is at the front door with Janet. John and Olivia warmly greet them. John-Boy announces that he has a surprise, bringing Elizabeth inside, much to the relief of John and Olivia. Later as John-Boy writes at his old desk Olivia listens while he compares the noises of New York City to the sounds of Walton’s Mountain. John confesses that he has asked Janet to marry him several times, but she has put him off, thinking he is too career driven to be a good husband and father.

Olivia finds Elizabeth making Switzerland coffee, feeling the effects of jet lag. Elizabeth asks her mother if she knew what she wanted to do at her age. Olivia said she had seven children at that age. Elizabeth wonders when she will settle down. Olivia tells Elizabeth to do what makes her happy. Outside Elizabeth sees Drew Cutler drive up. They are surprised to see each other. Drew tells her that he was in the Army, and is divorced after being married for six months. Elizabeth tells Drew that she is back from Europe, with a Master’s degree in Botany. She admits being engaged for a while, but the man decided he liked someone else better. Drew asks Elizabeth out to the movies, and she asks him to call her. John and Ben see Drew drive up to the mill. John thinks he has arrived to see Elizabeth, but Ben tells his father that he just hired Drew. John insists that Ben tell him before making such decisions. John finally agrees to hire Drew.

Jim Bob drives up in his convertible sports car as Mary Ellen drives up in her red Thunderbird with Katie, Clay, and Grandma. Everybody hugs each other, while John-Boy is upstairs telling Janet how beautiful she is in the morning. As John-Boy kisses his girlfriend, the family runs in so they can be introduced to her. Janet learns that her boyfriend’s nickname is 'John-Boy'. At home in Rockfish, Jason plays with Roy when Toni comes into the bedroom. Jason is hoping that one of his songs will hit it big so he won’t have to travel so much. Toni tells him he only comes home to get her pregnant, announcing she is already pregnant. Jason hopes for a girl, so they can name her 'Patsy Cline'.

Starting her teaching of third-graders, Erin finds Assistant Principal Jeff Delaney bringing her science books. Jeff offers her a full-time position beginning the first of the year. Erin is unsure she can accept the job, and raise three children. Delaney makes it known that he is interested in her. Erin finds that he is married. John-Boy and Janet walk in the woods, talking about John-Boy’s special feeling toward his Grandpa. Growing up, John-Boy says he thought he could discover all the secrets of the world within the forest. Janet declares that she likes him better here on the Mountain, being less serious. John-Boy tells her that he feels he can be a good family man and continue with his fast-paced career. Janet wants to believe him.

Mary Ellen tells John that the Baldwin sisters called after being arrested for selling bootleg whiskey. They find them behind bars as Deputy Walt Gilmore tells them that Al Simpson of the D.A. office arrested them because he is running for county commissioner, and a few big arrests will help him get elected. Ike is talking with Verdie and Olivia when a radio news flash announces that John Kennedy was shot in Dallas, Texas. The women rush out as Ike closes the store, shocked at the news. The family gathers around the television set as reporter Dan Rather describes the scene in Dallas. Walter Cronkite later makes the announcement that Kennedy has died. Elizabeth runs out of the house. John-boy packs for Washington, DC as Janet listens to him remember interviewing Kennedy, afterwards being asked about his family. Jim Bob tells them that Kennedy has died. Elizabeth finds Verdie at the church, and they cry together. Erin watches television alone at her house when Jeff Delaney knocks on the door, not wanting to be alone. Erin invites him in after he admits that his wife is out with her boyfriend. They talk about spouses that weren’t faithful.

Olivia finds Katie unable to sleep. She makes hot milk for her granddaughter, comforting her with pleasant thoughts of Christmas trees and Thanksgiving turkey. The family gathers around the television set as John-Boy reminisces about happier moments in Kennedy’s life. He says that Kennedy would want everyone to get on with their lives. John agrees, returning to work. Grandma straightens Zeb’s picture that has become tilted. Late that night Olivia finds John unable to sleep, thinking about the assassination and Ben. John says he is bringing Ben along slowly so he can eventually take over, but won’t be pushed aside now.

Mary Ellen awakens upon hearing an airplane overhead. Jim Bob has taken Clay up in the airplane, without her permission. Mary Ellen and Yancy Tucker meet Jim Bob and Clay as they land. Jim Bob insists that Clay was perfectly safe. Mary Ellen thinks Jim Bob is living like a gypsy, while Jim Bob says he likes flying but wants a family like everyone else. Jim Bob tells Mary Ellen that she is really worried that Jonesy won’t return, and she’ll be a war widow again.

Corabeth decides to go to church for the first time in a long time. Ike then tells Corabeth she looks beautiful, but Corabeth says she feels old. Corabeth tells Ike that Aimee could have been successful, but married a mechanic. Ike tells his wife that Aimee was only special in their eyes, that she followed her heart. John and Olivia prepare for church. Janet speaks to John-Boy on the telephone, talking about the world’s reaction to Kennedy’s death. The news department has asked him to stay, so won’t be home until Tuesday. Even though Janet is not a churchgoer, Olivia tells her she is going. Elizabeth and Drew walk to church, talking about special things in their lives. Drew kisses Elizabeth, and she kisses him back. At church Rev. Moseley gives the service. Afterwards Cindy tells Olivia that Ben won’t sit at the same dinner table with John. Jim Bob pulls up to the church to say that Lee Harvey Oswald was just shot by Jack Ruby.

John waves at Miss Mamie and Miss Emily as they drive erratically into the garden. They thank John for bailing them out of jail with a cake made with the Recipe. Rose takes care of Erin’s children as they eat dinner at the Northridge’s. John confronts Al Sampson, telling him that he is out of line. Sampson tells John that he should mind his own business, especially concerning his daughter seeing a married man.

Jason packs while Toni cries, not wanting him to leave. Jason is hoping that a new long shot will come through, but won’t tell Toni where he is going. Jason says good-bye when Jim Bob drives up, but Toni says that if he leaves, not to come back. Erin and Drew kiss outside the house as John, Olivia, Mary Ellen, and Katie watch from the living room. The two walk inside to announce (not that they are getting married) but that Elizabeth has decided to join the Peace Corps. Drew says he is disappointed, but proud.

John-Boy speaks with Janet about problems with writing a message to the nation on Thanksgiving Day. He won’t be home for dinner, but says he loves her. Janet responds, 'I love you, too, John-Boy!' He smiles. John and Drew talk about Ben. John thinks that Ben should have stopped by, but Drew says Ben has made up his mind. Ben and Cindy talk about his new job as an assistant foreman that is forty-five minutes away. Cindy says it means that she will be alone longer in the house. Cindy admits hearing Virginia’s voice and the voices of children they didn’t adopt. Ben says he doesn’t want someone else’s child. Ben cries, as Cindy tells him that they must move on. Ben decides he could love a child that she loves. Erin enters the house late in the evening as John sits in the living room. John asks her about the married man, but Erin reassures her father that she is not seeing him. John holds his daughter. Later, Mary Ellen, Erin, and Elizabeth talk about wearing hand-me-downs and staying together in the house for the last time. Janet joins the women, admitting she never had sisters. Mary Ellen says she has them now.

John yells at Drew, who tells his boss that he is sorry about Ben, but not to take it out on him. John tries to start the truck, but it won’t turn over. He becomes mad, and walks off into the woods. He asks Zeb for help, wishing he had listened more closely to his advice. (In a flashback, Zeb and John talk about making an important decision about selling the house.) John thanks his father for his help.

Mary Ellen, Grandma, and Olivia select some of Grandma’s things to take with her as she moves in with Mary Ellen. Elizabeth asks her mother for some of Grandpa’s flower books. Then, Mary Ellen wants to know if Katie can use the piano if they don’t take it to the new house. Lastly, Erin wants a vase that Grandpa gave to Grandma on their wedding. But, Olivia decides that Grandma doesn’t want to leave the house where Grandpa’s presence is still so strong and that they can’t take the things they want. Ben and Cindy drive up to the house to find John driving up with a new (used) truck that he bought mostly with cash. Ben and Cindy announce they are adopting a child and Ben asks for his old job back. John says he needs a fulltime partner while he is running for the county commission job. That night Olivia comes downstairs to find an empty kitchen and living room but still filled with many memories. Olivia tells John that it is difficult to turn her back on this house. John suggests new plumbing, new appliances, and a new dishwasher for the old house. They go back to bed to talk about it.

Ike prepares a turkey, but Corabeth wants to go out to dinner. Ike looks out the window, seeing Aimee, and her husband and daughter drive up. Corabeth doesn’t want to see her until Corabeth sees her granddaughter for the first time. Aimee says her same is 'Beth'.

On Thanksgiving Day the Walton women prepare dinner. Olivia tells her daughters that she does not want them to shelter her from their problems. Jason, Toni, and their children arrive. They announce that Elvis Presley is buying one of Jason’s songs and putting it on his next album. When they say that Toni is pregnant again, Olivia says she already knows. The turkey is ready, but before eating John and Olivia announce that they are staying at the house. The family is relieved and happy, knowing that this is the first Thanksgiving for the family and their families’ family. John asks Ben to give thanks. Ben says, 'Our heavenly Father, thank you for this food and for this day and thank you for this family. We ask you for your continued blessings'. After dinner the family watch John-Boy on television give his message to the nation, noting that life continues and that out of this trying time we can become stronger in a celebration of freedom. He suggests everyone join hands and extend encouragement to all, so our nation can be enriched. John-Boy silently enters the house after taping the speech earlier. Everyone welcomes him. That night while John-Boy and Janet sit outside and the family prepares for sleep, John-Boy tells everybody that Janet has asked him to marry her, and he said, 'Yes'.

"That Thanksgiving, with all its heartache and uncertanty stands out as one we will never forget. As far as I know, my mother and father never again talked of moving from the house where we'd all grown up. It still stands, generous in its love, filled with memories, and always ready to welcome us home".

[John-Boy and Janet are sitting outside, looking at the house as the lights go out.]
Olivia: Goodnight Erin. Goodnight Mary Ellen.
Goodnight Grandma. Goodnight Clay, goodnight Katie.
Goodnight Grandpa.
John: It's been a good day. Goodnight everyone!
John-Boy [shouting]: Mama! Janet asked me to marry her! I said "yes"!
[the lights come on again one by one.......]

Cast (Walton family) -
John-Boy (Richard Thomas); John (Ralph Waite); Olivia (Michael Learned); Grandma (Ellen Corby); Jason (Jon Walmsley); Mary Ellen (Judy Norton); Erin (Mary McDonough); Ben (Eric Scott); Jim Bob (David Harper); Elizabeth (Kami Cotler);Cindy (Leslie Winston); Toni Hazelton Walton (Lisa Harrison);

Also appearing -
Ike and Corabeth Godsey (Joe Conley and Ronnie Claire Edwards); Aimee Godsey (Rachel Longaker); Drew Cutler (Tony Becker); Janet Gilchrist (Kate McNeil); Rose (Peggy Rae); the Baldwin sisters (Mary Jackson and Helen Kleeb); Verdie Grant (Lynn Hamilton); Yancy Tucker (Robert Donner); Asst. D.A. Al Sampson (James Karen); Deputy Sheriff Walt Gilmore (Stanley Grover); Clay (Christian Cousins); Katie (Emily Ann Lloyd); Janet Gilchrist (Kate McNeil); Jeff Dulaney (Steven Culp); newsman (Joseph Chapman).

  • Mary Ellen is the mother of two children, Clay and Katie. However, no mention is made of the whereabouts of John-Curtis. And no mention is made about the fact that Mary Ellen could not have children after her accident on her honeymoon with Jonesy.
  • Ben and Cindy have lost Virginia. Cindy wants to adopt but Ben is against it. However, no mention is made of the whereabouts of Charles 'Charlie' Benjamin, their first-born son.
  • The time frame from 1947 (in the third movie) to the year 1963 (in the fourth movie) is sixteen years. (In reality, there was a span of nearly twelve years from the making of the third movie and this fourth movie).
  • In season 5 (year 1937) John-Boy is twenty years old. In the year 1963 of this movie, John-Boy would be forty-five years old, and Olivia and John would be in their mid-sixties.
  • Jonesy was in the military in Vietnam, but according to The Whirlwind (season 9 , episode 8) he had already served in World War II.
  • Virginia died two years ago, in the year 1961.
  • Peter Fox plays Rev. Moseley. But beginning with The Hawk (season 6, episode 1), Peter Fox played Rev. Hank Buchanan.
  • The license plates on John’s old truck is T241-736 Virginia.
  • Two of Jason and Toni’s three boys are named after country-western singers, Roy (for Roy Acuff) and Merle (for Merle Haggard). The third boy’s name is not mentioned.
  • John-Boy’s girlfriend (Janet Gilchrist) is an editor for the magazine Harper’s Bazaar.
  • Olivia says she met John at the age of sixteen. But in an earlier episode it is stated that they were childhood sweethearts who grew up together.
  • Miss Emily attended the Young Ladies Seminary.
  • Ashley Longworth, Sr. attended the University of Virginia.
  • John says that Zeb has been dead for fifteen years, but according to The Empty Nest (season 7, episode 1) Grandpa died in 1941, twenty-two years ago.

A Walton Wedding - 1995

[The setting for this episode is 1964.]

"I cannot believe that life can be more generous than it was to me when I was a young writer, living in New York City and in love wih a girl named Janet. Janet was from Iowa, now an Editor at a fashion magazine. She was convinced that when I was working, I'd forget to eat....."

In New York City, John-Boy is busy writing when Janet rings his apartment’s buzzer. She brings corned beef on rye with potato salad and says that her Aunt Flo has invited them tomorrow for tea. Janet is hurried with a deadline, but changes her mind when John-Boy proposes marriage. She says, 'Yes', and they kiss. At Ike’s store, Corabeth is typing at the typewriter while Ike is punching at the cash register. When Miss Mamie and Miss Emily arrive Corabeth announces that she is writing a romance novel after sending away for a correspondence course. The sisters are in need of 'oodles' of sugar and yeast for a batch of the Recipe in preparation for John-Boy’s wedding. They are personally transporting the Recipe to New York City. They leave quickly after Corabeth reads a steamy passage from her manuscript.

John brings coffee to Ben and Drew who have been working since the crack of dawn. But when Ben tells his father that they contracted for the Madison Development subdivision in Jefferson County, John isn’t sure they can handle the order, and is now on a limb because, being on the Board of Supervisors, he must vote to approve or reject. Aunt Flo meets John-Boy, offering to make suggestions for the marriage. She also admits that Janet’s parents may not be able to attend since they are in a country with civil unrest. When Janet tells Aunt Flo that they are planning for a small wedding, Aunt Flo recommends they make the wedding sophisticated and use St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral. John-Boy says that the World Series could be played inside.

At the house, Olivia makes supper while reading Betty Fredans’s book The Feminine Mystique. John arrives home from a meeting to find his wife totally engrossed in the book. She wants to go back to school, feeling a need to know herself better. The next day, Mary Ellen, Erin, Elizabeth, and Toni laugh about a joke. Toni is nine months pregnant, having chosen the name of Patsy Cline for a girl and Elvis for a boy. Olivia walks in to announce that she has signed up for a class at Boatwright named American Studies.

John-Boy shows an article to his editor, Sybil Caruthers, about Grandma’s struggle with her stroke. Caruthers likes the article, but feels it doesn’t have enough depth. She recommends that he return to his grandmother to find more background. That night John-Boy knocks on Janet’s apartment for dinner. But Janet is upset at Aunt Flo for taking control of her wedding. As they kiss, Aunt Flo barges in to make another suggestion. John-Boy finally has enough of her butting in, and decides to return to the Mountain.

Aunt Flo and her wedding arranger, David Drucker, talk with Janet about the possibility of using a Virginia Fox Hunt theme at the reception. When David says he doesn’t do mountain moonshine, Janet says two old ladies will take care of that. But, Janet doesn’t like their ideas.

At Boatwright, Olivia wonders where her class is located when another coed approaches. When Olivia says she is a student, not a teacher, the girl says she looks like an old mother, not a regular student. After walking away, Olivia calls her a 'little twit'. Professor Tumball asks Olivia to stay after class. When he wonders why she signed up, Olivia answers that she desires to learn more about the U.S., along with earning her degree. He says older students generally are unreliable and fail or drop out. Olivia states she cannot tolerate human ignorance. Back home Olivia finds John-Boy has returned home. They talk about her class and why he returned home. Later, the family reminisces about Grandma becoming a celebrity in John-Boy’s article. They remember the time Grandpa was thrown out of the hospital during Grandma’s stroke and the time Grandma found a jar of the recipe in Grandpa’s toolbox. Jason and Ben sing, 'Grandma’s a cover girl on a big-time magazine!' In a quieter moment John recommends that John-Boy try writing at a cabin near Druscilla’s Pond. John-Boy wonders why he can’t find any reference to Grandma’s daddy in the family Bible. John says that he should not stir up that subject with Grandma.

In New York City, Aunt Flo and David anxiously tell Janet about their new idea, a square dance at the Waldorf. Janet hates it, and decides to regain control. At Ike’s store Corabeth asks John-Boy if he would read a chapter from her manuscript. He delays her, already anxious about his project. At Boatwright, Olivia is asked to comment about a poem etched on the Statute of Liberty. Olivia says that she feels it contains a meaning of hope for immigrants, like a mother offering shelter, love, and a place to dream.

Ike and other concerned citizens opposing the proposed subdivision present a petition to John. He agrees to seriously consider their suggestion. Knowing that fifty single-family homes and twenty-five duplexes will be built at the base of Pine Top Mountain, John asks Grandma her advice, but she is unsure. After being unable to find information at the courthouse and the library about Grandma’s father, John-Boy confronts Grandma. She leaves the room. Unexpectedly Janet appears at the front door, after taking a leave of absence from work and firing Aunt Flo.

Olivia sits at the supper table reading her schoolbook, while John worries about bills, especially the cost of the wedding that could cost a thousand dollars. He also is worried about his vote on the subdivision, if he votes 'yes' he will look like he is 'feathering his own nest' and if he votes 'no' he will lose a lot of money. Later John-Boy asks his father to be best man, not wanting to play favorites among his brothers.

Ike and other concerned citizens opposing the proposed subdivision present a petition to John. He agrees to seriously consider their suggestion. Knowing that fifty single-family homes and twenty-five duplexes will be built at the base of Pine Top Mountain, John asks Grandma her advice, but she is unsure. After being unable to find information at the courthouse and the library about Grandma’s father, John-Boy confronts Grandma. She leaves the room. Unexpectedly Janet appears at the front door, after taking a leave of absence from work and firing Aunt Flo.

Unable to write, John-Boy helps his father. John says that rumors are circulating about him being a crook. John-Boy can’t believe it, but John says it involves 'politics'. Professor Tumball asks Olivia about the topic for her presentation. Olivia wants to write about the status of women in America. When the professor hesitates about its appropriateness, Olivia insists that women face difficulty achieving in today’s society. At the Baldwin house John-Boy talks with Miss Emily while Miss Mamie finds their Papa’s old letters. John-Boy hopes to find information about Grandma’s father. Later, inside the Baptist Church John-Boy and Janet talk about their wedding and children. As an only child, Janet is unsure about having children.

Corabeth visits John-Boy at the cabin in order that he review her unfinished draft. The novel is called Romance on the High Seas. When she reads from it, John-boy makes her stop after a few sentences. He confesses that it is not good and advises her to write something that is familiar to her. At Bonnie Sue’s Boutique, Mary Ellen, Erin, Elizabeth, and Janet look for wedding dresses. Without success they decide to make the dresses themselves. Ike finds Corabeth returning her correspondence literature, wanting her money back. She has decided to take John-Boy’s advice, and write a novel entitled The Storekeeper’s Wife. She believes a very romantic story can be written. Ike likes the idea.

Late at night John and Olivia talk about whether John-Boy and Janet are suited for each other. John thinks Janet is a 'thoroughbred'. Suddenly a loud car drives up with Aunt Flo inside. As Janet and Aunt Flo talk, John hauls her luggage inside. The next morning John brings John-Boy biscuits that Janet made. When John tells his son that Aunt Flo has arrived, John-Boy exclaims, 'Will that woman ever give up?' After reviewing John-Boy’s article John says he thinks the story shows Grandma with 'rose-colored glasses' and leaves out the 'vinegar'. Later, John confronts Grandma, telling her that he found that her father fought for the union forces, being called a traitor by the community. Grandma declares, 'Dammit, Dammit!' John-Boy states he will write the truth, with Grandma upset at the news.

In the morning John shows Ben a newspaper article about the Walton & Son’s deal with Madison Developer. John says his integrity is at stake, along with the integrity of their business. Ben and Drew feel terrible about the mess they made for John. John-Boy and Janet argue about Aunt Flo making arrangements for them to spend their honeymoon in Bermuda. Olivia drives up to hear their fight. The couple decides to call off the wedding. John walks off, as Olivia runs after a crying Janet. At the Board meeting John is asked to talk about his possible conflict-of-interest. Ben speaks up first, saying he was the one that made the deal before knowing his father would vote on the proposal. With two supervisors against and two for the proposal, John says that there is unemployment in the area, but at the same time feels the quality of land, water and air must be maintained. He votes against the proposal, but admits he will reconsider if the company brings a new proposal that doesn’t hurt the environment. John-Boy finds Aunt Flo staring off into the night. She admits she has caused distress, but only acted out of love. John-Boy tells her that she can’t leave, because she is family and Janet’s matron-of-honor. John-Boy then tells Janet that he is sorry for yelling at her, while Janet admits she needs to learn to stand up to him. John-Boy agrees to go to Bermuda, if they can spend the first night at the cabin on Druscilla’s Pond.

While sewing a quilt Olivia states that Grandma will not attend the wedding. Janet answers a telephone call where her father says they will arrive in Charlottesville tomorrow night. Later, John and Olivia wait for John-Boy and Janet to bring the new in-laws to the house when a telephone call informs them that the foursome is in jail. John-Boy explains he was driving too fast and called Deputy Neely ‘stupid’. Nothing helps until the officer is told John-Boy and Janet are to be married. Later on the front porch Ralph wonders if Janet will be happy with this 'salt-of-the-earth, fertile, poor, but honest' clan that seem to number in the thousands. Janet says she is happy. Ralph and Charlotte announce they are retiring to Iowa. Upstairs John and Olivia talk about the possibility of taking a second honeymoon, possibly to Bermuda. But John wants to know 'What is a bermuda?' and 'Where is it?' On the seesaw John-Boy and Janet talk about their last night as single persons. The next morning John and Olivia awaken to Aunt Flo supervising the work crew as they construct the bandstand and organize the party. Ralph and Charlotte join them, as they look at Aunt Flo in awe. Later in the day, Janet, Charlotte, Mary Ellen, Erin, and Elizabeth dress for the wedding. John-Boy finds Grandma in the living room, telling her that she is just as stubborn as her father and husband. He hopes she will reconsider her decision on the most important day in his life.

As John helps John-Boy with his tie they see Olivia come down the stairs, and voice their admiration of her beauty. Olivia says to John Jr., 'You’ve turned out real good!' John-Boy responds, 'I love you, Momma!' Grandma takes John-Boy’s arm as they go to the church. Inside the church, Jim Bob ushers his mother to her seat as the Baldwin sisters look on. Grandma sits next to Drew, as Ben brings in Charlotte. With Mary Ellen, Erin, and Elizabeth as brides’ maids, Aunt Flo as maid-of-honor, and John as best man, Ralph walks his daughter down the aisle as the wedding begins. As Jason plays the organ, the first song O Promise Me is sung, and with Ike and Corabeth looking on, Toni has her first contraction. Olivia rushes her to the next room as Mary Ellen follows. As the song ends, Jason runs to his wife. Rev. Mosely proceeds with the wedding as cries are heard from Toni. As John-Boy and Janet are pronounced husband and wife, Olivia announces that it’s 'Patsy Cline Walton'. John-Boy tells the guests, 'It’s a girl!' and they applaud. Rev. Mosely presents 'Mr. and Mrs. John Walton, Jr.' to the guests. At the reception everyone dance and celebrate. John makes a toast, 'To the bride and groom, may they be as happy together as my bride and I have been all these years, and to Charlotte and Ralph who made all this possible, and to Aunt Flo who does the impossible.' Janet throws the bouquet that is caught by Jim Bob who quickly hands it to Elizabeth. John-Boy says goodnight to Grandma and the Baldwin sisters as everyone follow John-Boy and Janet to Druscilla’s Pond. As they row across the waters, goodnights are said to the newlywed couple.

"And so it was that a folkesy, fertile clan from the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia was united with the distinguished family from Iowa. Janet's father would be happy to know that in spite of some lean times, Janet and John-Boy never had to live on chitlings and moonshine whisky. It was a fine wedding, and the memory of that day is still warm and wonderful, and will stay with us always".

Olivia: Goodnight Janet!
John: Goodnight John-Boy!
John-Boy: Goodnight everybody!
[everybody]: Goodnight!

Cast (Walton family) -
John-Boy (Richard Thomas); John (Ralph Waite); Olivia (Michael Learned); Jason (Jon Walmsley); Mary Ellen (Judy Norton); Erin (Mary McDonough); Ben (Eric Scott); Jim Bob (David Harper); Elizabeth (Kami Cotler); Toni Hazelton Walton (Lisa Harrison), Aunt Flo (Holland Taylor).

Special Appearances -
Grandma Walton (Ellen Corby) and Aunt Flo (Holland Taylor).

Also appearing -
Ike and Corabeth Godsey (Joe Conley and Ronnie Claire Edwards); Janet Gilchrist (Kate McNeil); Charlotte Gilchrist (Diane Baker); Ralph Gilchrist (Nicholas Pryor); Miss Mamie and Miss Emily Baldwin (Helen Kleeb and Mary Jackson); Drew Cutler (Tony Becker); Professor Trumball (Roy Brocksmith); David Drucker (Marshall Borden); Sybil Carruthers (Deborah Way); Deputy Sheriff Neely (James Lashly); Reverend Mosely (Peter Fox); Chairman (Milt Tarver); Girl Student (Rachel True).

  • John-Boy and Janet first met at the Algonquin Hotel in New York City.
  • Janet’s father is in the diplomatic corp., representing the United States in a small African country.
  • First published in 1963, The Feminine Mystique by Betty Friedan launched a woman’s equal-rights revolution that profoundly changed the culture, consciousness, and lives within the United States.
  • Grandma’s maiden name is Morgan.
  • The names of Janet’s parents are Ralph and Charlotte Gilchrist.
  • A 'duplex' is a house joined to another. In the UK it is known as 'semi-detached'.
  • Chitlings is a variation of the word chitterlings. Definition: The small intestines of pigs, cooked and eaten as food. (YUCK!!!!)
  • The house that the Gilchrist retire to in Iowa on East River Drive is in ‘real-life’ the home that was once owned by Earl Hamner’s wife (Jane).
  • The house on 1206 East River Drive in Davenport, Iowa is now the Fulton’s Landing Bed and Breakfast. Its web site is
  • As in the previous movie A Walton Thanksgiving Reunion, Peter Fox plays Rev. Mosely. But beginning with The Hawk (Season 6, episode 1), Peter Fox played Rev. Hank Buchanan


A Walton Easter - 1997

[Setting: A few days before Easter 1969 and John and Olivia’s 40th wedding anniversary]

"The Moon walk was an epic moment in our history, a day that changed the world, and that same year my own world was about to change as well. What was waiting on Waltons Mountain wasn't quite a walk on the moon, but to me it was just as momentous".

John-Boy reports live on the Channel 8 News about the historic Moon landing. Later that night, John-Boy tells Janet that Random House wants to send a reporter from Life magazine with him during their visit to Walton’s Mountain. The proposed photographs and article will help publicize John-Boy’s newest novel. John-Boy wonders if Janet should make the journey to celebrate his parent’s fortieth wedding anniversary because she is pregnant. But Janet reassures her husband that the baby is not due for a month. Olivia teaches a grade school class when the principal (Erin) enters the classroom with a new student, Jimmy Weeks. Olivia becomes concerned about the new boy when he mispronounces a word.

John eats a pie that Olivia bought at Ike’s store. They talk about their upcoming wedding anniversary, planning to spend the day at a Virginia Beach inn. Later, as John and Ben work at the mill, John-Boy and Janet drive up. Olivia rushes out to greet them, and finds Aurora Jeffries, a reporter, emerging from the car. Soon Jim Bob drives up to hug John-Boy and Janet. John and Olivia aren’t comfortable with Aurora’s pushy personality. They sit at the supper table talking about Janet’s pregnancy when Mary Ellen walks in with her two children. Later, John-Boy pauses at the front porch to watch his father. He remembers the first time he told his father that he wanted to become a writer. Drew drives up with a homemade bent-willow rocking chair, making the suggestion that they build more to sell. John likes the idea, but Ben is against it.

Olivia looks out the window to see Elizabeth drive up in a taxi. Elizabeth announces she came from Rhodesia, then England, and on to Washington DC. but is home to settle down. After talking with Elizabeth, John-Boy returns to the porch, looking up to the sky to think: 'Small things call me home, no matter where I am, the call of a night bird, the rumble of a train crossing a trestle, the scent of crabapple, the lowing of a sleepy cow, can call me home again.'

Back inside, John-Boy comments that the night sky here is better than in New York City. Janet says that it’s not a contest. John and Olivia look on, concerned with their tone. John-Boy admits to Janet that he is thinking about relocating them to the Mountain. Janet thinks he is uncomfortable in New York City, but John-Boy says he’s not. Later Janet tells Olivia that she doesn’t mean to criticize her husband. John-Boy tells his father that he sees Grandpa in many places. He reassures John that everything is fine between him and his wife, saying they have a wonderful life in NYC, but likes the idea of moving back. John reminds him that he will soon must think about a wife and a new baby.

Outside the hardware store John-Boy greets Verdie. They reminisce about earlier times and their current lives. Verdie mentions that Old Man Walker is selling the cabin where John-Boy writes. At the same time Drew drives up while Elizabeth is picking wildflowers. When Elizabeth asks if he is going to ask her to the movies, Drew admits he has a girlfriend. Elizabeth is crushed that he didn’t wait for her. Later John-Boy shows Aurora the area around Druscilla’s Pond. She tells him that his books remind her of idyllic times.

At school Olivia asks Jimmy why he doesn’t want to sign up for the spelling bee. He doesn’t want to talk about it. When Erin walks in, Olivia tells her that she would like to speak with his parents. John-Boy writes in the cabin when Jason and Ben drive up, followed by Erin, Jim Bob, Elizabeth, and Toni to plan their parent’s anniversary. They decide on a get-together before their parents leave for Virginia Beach. While John, Olivia, and John-Boy eat their meal, Aurora disturbs them with her camera. Elizabeth then walks in to say the Baldwin sisters have indicated that they urgently need to see John and John-Boy. At their house Miss Mamie and Miss Emily confess they are getting older, wishing to entrust their most valuable possession, their Papa’s Recipe, to John (in honor of Zebulon). The group drinks a toast. Erin and Elizabeth eat at a diner where Elizabeth overhears Drew’s girlfriend talk about the relationship to the waitress. Erin tells her sister that the girl is a 'sappy, little thing' and that Drew made the mistake by not waiting for her. Janet helps Olivia make applesauce cake, telling her that she realizes John-Boy loves the area where he grew up. Olivia and Janet talk about the joys of raising children.

In the cabin, John-Boy reminisces about swimming in Druscilla’s Pond and hearing his Momma’s voice. That night John and Olivia ponder why everybody feels upset. They talk about their forty years together, hoping their children will be as happy together. Janet peers out the window as John-Boy tells her that she has never looked lovelier. She wonders if she is ready for their first child, hoping to be half as good a mother as Olivia. John-Boy remembers how wonderful it was growing up here and believes it to be a great place to raise children. Not wanting to leave her career in NYC, Janet and John-Boy argue about where they will live. John-Boy leaves for the porch, confused about how he feels. He hears crying in the tree house, finding Elizabeth upset about Drew. Both wish they were five years old again.

The next morning John-Boy admits to his mother that the argument last night was about the possibility of moving back. When Janet enters the room Olivia excuses herself, bringing back a quilt that Grandma made when John-Boy was born. Janet isn’t sure John-Boy married the right woman but Olivia reassures her that he did. John and Drew show the antique chair to Lincoln Terry, an antique dealer, who decides to order ten for delivery next week. At Jason’s house John-Boy observes Jason’s four children playing in the house. At Jimmy Week’s house Olivia finds that his father believes his son is slow, but Olivia thinks Jimmy only needs encouragement. The mother knows her son likes to read, but the father is not convinced. While Ben and Drew work on the order, John worries about the bills. Ben decides to start advertising. Drew tells John that he never intended to hurt Elizabeth. John understands.

That night Elizabeth talks with her mother, telling her that she thinks Drew is 'fickle'. Olivia thinks that Drew was ready to settle down before she was ready, and suggests she not show Drew her sad feelings. John-Boy finds Janet packing her suitcase, wanting to be alone. Admitting his thoughts have been jumbled, John-Boy convinces her to come to bed. In the morning Olivia walks into the house to find John-Boy packing a picnic basket. She asks for advice on Jimmy. John-Boy suggests that his old dictionary helped him when he was growing up, and suggests she take it to the boy. Elizabeth brings Drew lemonade and wishes him the best with his girlfriend (Jeannie). Drew is now more confused. At the picnic John-Boy and Janet discuss how babies bring out the best and the worst in people. Janet admits that him wanting to move away from NYC is like an attack of everything they had together. John feels his decision to buy the old cabin and ten acres for a vacation retreat is a good compromise. But Janet becomes angry that he made the decision without first asking her, thinking Long Island or the Adirondacks are better spots.

Olivia gives the dictionary to Mr. Weeks who doesn’t think the book is a good idea. Olivia leaves the dictionary, whereupon Jimmy finds it, and is happy with it. John-Boy tells Janet that he is sorry for not telling her about the cabin. Saying he will cancel the deal, Janet says 'no', now realizing how important his home is to him and their children. At Janet’s shower Erin gives her a little hat and dress. But Janet feels scared.

At school Jimmy wonders how to spell a word from a book he is reading. They look up 'magnanimous' in the dictionary. Olivia says the book’s meaning is to believe in yourself. Jimmy thinks about what she said, and decides to sign up for the spelling bee. Olivia is very happy with his decision. At the house Mary Ellen is checking Janet’s vital signs when she hears two heartbeats. Janet is stunned to learn she is carrying twins. John-Boy just then comes in saying, 'Am I interrupting anything?' Over supper the family discuss the news. John-Boy is especially concerned with the added expenses. The next day John and Drew deliver the chair order, but find the store is vacant. The man outside says the owner was three-months behind in his rent. Back home John and Drew talk with John-Boy about the predicament they are in, when Aurora interrupts. John-Boy takes her off to discuss the article, where she takes one last picture of John-Boy leaning against a tree, before she returns to NYC.

At the 'All District Spelling Bee' Joanne Potter, Ricky Barnes, Jimmy Weeks, Lily Bates and others compete. With only Ricky and Jimmy left in the competition, Mr. Weeks enters the room in time to see his son win the contest. After being kissed by Olivia, Jimmy hugs his father and kisses his mother, both very proud of him. Drew admits to Elizabeth that she really 'threw him for a loop' when she invited Jeannie and him to dinner. He admits he never stopped loving her. After Elizabeth reassures him that she is ready to settle down, Drew asks her, 'Are you going to marry me, or what?' Elizabeth kisses her new fiancÚ.

Verdie visits Olivia to tell her that 'your people and my people' have been living side by side for years. She asks her friend and her family to join her church at Easter’s sunrise service. Olivia says 'yes', where-upon the pair catches up on news. (Harley is fine.)
John-Boy asks his parents to help with an inspection at the cabin. As they round the house John announces that Aurora has found a buyer for the chairs. Around the house the family greets them with, 'Surprise'. John-Boy announces that their one-night reservation at the Beach Side Inn has been cancelled for a two-night visit along with dinner reservations at Andre’s Cellar. Jim Bob wants to taste some Recipe that was made for the first time by a Walton. The next day, as Mary Ellen, Erin, and Elizabeth prepare sandwiches for their parent’s trip, John yells inside, 'Car’s all ready'. John-Boy and Janet are given a ride as they return to NYC. Mary Ellen and Erin leave Elizabeth alone at the house with Drew. John reminds them that they are not married yet. But soon the cars return, with Janet in labor. As Mary Ellen tends to Janet, John-Boy tells his father that he feels helpless, and anxious about all the expenses. As they walk near the water, John pushes his son into the water (as Zeb did to John) to cool him off. John-Boy can’t believe he did it, but does feel better. The kids have a tug-of-war contest as Mary Ellen delivers the first baby, a girl. Downstairs Olivia tells her son that he is a new father, showing him his new daughter. Soon Janet gives birth to her second child, a son. After seeing both babies John-Boy now realizes how his parents had enough love to go around for all the children.
My mother had to wait just a little longer to finally see the ocean, and my children came into the world on the mountain where generations of Waltons had been born and raised before them. I learned that the love I received from my family as a boy on Waltons Mountain would serve me well in the years to come, no matter where I lived".

Elizabeth: Goodnight Mamma, goodnight Daddy.
John: Goodnight Elizabeth.
Olivia: Goodnight Elizabeth, goodnight John-Boy, goodnight Janet.
John-Boy: Goodnight Mamma, goodnight Daddy.
Janet: Goodnight everyone.
(baby cries).

Cast (Walton family) -
John-Boy (Richard Thomas); John Walton (Ralph Waite); Olivia (Michael Learned); Jason (Jon Walmsley); Mary Ellen (Judy Norton); Erin (Mary Beth McDonough); Ben (Eric Scott); Jim Bob (David Harper); Elizabeth (Kami Cotler); Toni Hazelton Walton (Lisa Harrison).
Also appearing -
Janet Gilchrist (Kate McNeil); Susan (Brittany Levenbrown); Miss Mamie and Miss Emily Baldwin (Helen Kleeb and Mary Jackson); Drew Cutler (Tony Becker); Verdie Grant (Lyn Hamilton); Aurora (Sydney Walsh); Calvin Weeks (Peter Crombie); Jimmy Weeks (Zachery Edinton); Rebecca Weeks (Jennifer Parsons); Lincoln Terry (Nicholas Hormann).
And -
Sage Allen, Julie Benz, Mika Bonem, Orlando Brown, Brooks Garrett, Kyla Pratt, Patrick Tyler, Charles Walken, Joe Whipp, Carmen Twillie.

  • At the beginning of the movie John-Boy appears on Channel 8 News reporting on the Apollo 11 Moon landing. Neil Armstrong stepped on the moon on July 20, 1969. However, the setting for the movie is Easter in 1969. Easter occurred on April 6, over three months BEFORE the historic Moon landing.....
  • In the episode The Anniversary (Season 6 episode 17) John and Olivia celebrate their 25th anniversary. The previous episode (The Festival) occurs during the spring of 1940. According to this information, John and Olivia should have celebrated their 40th anniversary in the spring of 1955, and their 54th anniversary in the year 1969.
  • Jason and Toni have four children named after country-western singers: Roy Acuff Walton, Merle Haggard Walton, Patsy Cline Walton, and Loretta Lynn Walton.
  • It is mentioned that Mary Ellen has three children. It is assumed that these children are John-Curtis, Clay, and Katie.
  • Ben’s wife (Cindy) and children are not mentioned in this movie. From past episodes Ben and Cindy had two natural children (Virginia and Charles Benjamin). Virginia has died, but the couple had planned to adopt (according to the previous movie). No further mention was made of this adoption.
  • Erin has three children according to the previous movie. In this movie a child (Susan) was mentioned. It is assumed she is Erin’s daughter. The other two children’s names have not been mentioned.
  • Erin is the principal of the Walton’s Mountain Elementary School. Olivia is teaching a grade school class within the school. Olivia’s granddaughter (Susan) is one of her students in the class.
  • John was twenty years old and Olivia was eighteen years old when they married.
  • The Weeks family moved from North Carolina. They inherited a farm in the area.
  • Dr. Lewis is John-Boy and Janet’s doctor in New York City.

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(synopsis by William Atkins)